Typo surrenders to Blackberry

GermanSurrender2Typo has surrendered to BlackBerry and withdrawn its keyboards for iPhones.

Typo was keyboard attachment for touchscreen mobile devices backed by “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest.

BlackBerry sued Typo for patent infringement, alleging that the keyboard cover for IPhones was a “blatant” copy of the QWERTY keyboard on many BlackBerry phones.

As part of the settlement, Typo has agreed to stop selling keyboards for devices with a screen size of less than 7.9 inches so every smartphone.

Typo had already been prevented from selling the keyboards for phones after a California judge ruled last year that BlackBerry had “established a likelihood of proving that Typo infringes the patents at issue.”

A judge fined Typo $860,000 earlier this year for continuing to sell the keyboards after last year’s injunction.

Typo is now only selling keyboards for Apple’s iPad Air and iPad Mini. Sales of these however will not do the outfit much good – tablet sales have slumped as people prefer to use phablets instead – something Typo would have been good with.

BlackBerry filed its first lawsuit against Typo in January 2014 just as the original Typo keyboard attachments were making their debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Seacrest and fellow co-founder Laurence Hallier spent a million on the company and started to promote the Typo in December 2013 as a way for people to ditch their BlackBerries.