Prodial Kidd is the UK’s biggest phone pest

Prodial-Ltd-director-Louis-KiddLouis Kidd, a 27-year-old, who lives with his mum, is the UK’s biggest phone pest.

Prodial, the outfit he founded received the heaviest fine ever handed down to a company making nuisance calls.

The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) ordered Prodial to pay £350,000 for making 40 million nuisance phone calls in four months.

The automated calls, dialled from a computer server in the south east of England, hit homes across Britain at the rate of over 330,000 a day.

Kidd and his business partner, Phil Carrington, 55, will not pay a penny because they put their company into liquidation when the ICO closed  in.

The directors, who have no liabilities, are free to start up a new firm doing exactly the same thing.

Prodial bought numbers for British mobile phones and landlines from a company in South Africa. The numbers were called constantly, using software developed by Mr Kidd.

Between April and August last year, Prodial made more than 40 million calls, in which recorded messages were played relating to claims for the mis-selling of payment protection insurance (PPI).

Prodial had a turn-over of about £100,000 a month.  But the money has disappeared after the firm “went bust”.

Carrington told investigators he was an “inveterate gambler” and the money earned from the firm had been spent.

The ICO had received more than 1,100 complaints about nuisance calls traced to Prodial. Complainants said they were called repeatedly and often there was no opt-out option.