Information Commissioner hits out at Talktalk

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 14.18.56Talktalk, which saw a massive hack attack on Wednesday, has been criticised by the office of the Information Commissioner for not notifying it of the breach until a day later.

Talktalk believes that four million peoples’ accounts have fallen into the wrong hands and CEO Dido Harding admits that she’s not sure if the data that was stolen was unencrypted.

She apologised to all Talktalk customers and said that a criminal investigation by the Metropolitan Police has started, and that she had received a ransom demand from an individual or group purporting to be responsible for the attack.

It’s believed that phone numbers, credit card numbers,and names and addresses may all have been compromised by the attack.

This is the third cyber attack Talktalk has suffered this year and the Information Commissioner is already investigating the previous two instances.