IBM is sending suits to the cleaners

suitsThe ever shrinking Big Blue appears to have ordered huge lay-offs in its US offices – nearly a third of its employees.

To make matters worse Biggish Blue recently changed its severance policy, reducing a potential maximum of six months of benefits to a month. The new policy only applies to those who lose their jobs due to the elimination of a position which appears to be what is happening.

The WatchingIBM Facebook group released details of suits who have been in the company for nearly 40 years and have been told to clean out their desks with just a month’s pay.

Apparently IBM is moving the work to Hungary and Brazil although some H1B visa workers are staying.

Managers are reading redundancies off scripts claiming that one third of the U.S. workforce is being ‘rebalanced.’ with it.

They are giving us 90 days paid working notice, one-month severance, and $2500 in money for retraining.

IBM is telling staff that it is just a skill set change but it is more to do with shifting jobs off-shore many of the staff are telling the press.

A Big Blue spokesman said that rumours of layoffs affecting a third of the U.S. workforce today are untrue, and  IBM “currently has more than 25,000 open positions” as part of “transforming its business to lead in a new era of cognitive and cloud computing”.

Although that does not really explain what staff are telling the media.