Hackers ransom a hospital for $3.6 million

bankHackers are holding the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Centre for a $3.6 million ransom.

The hackers are demanding a 9,000 Bitcoin ransom to release the “electronic keys” to unlock computers.

So far details are nearly impossible to get.

NBC Los Angeles is reporting that the hospital’s IT network has been crippled and that staff is redirecting emergencies to other hospitals.

Meanwhile staff are using pen and paper to record patient information and a fax to communicate with other departments. Patients need to come in person to the hospital to pick up test results since the email servers are inaccessible.

Computers are not allowed to be turned on, as the managers fear that more workstations will be affected by the incident. The hospital’s Radiation and Oncology departments have been completely shut down.

So far there is no evidence that patient or employee information has been taken but that is just a small blessing.  Still it is America and the hospital could free itself by paying up and selling a few more asperin to make up the cost.