Google says: “We’re innocent, gov”

GoogleEuropean Commission allegations that search giant Google is behaving against antitrust laws have met with a rather insouciant response from the company.

Google, which positively says it’s not evil, is being accused by the EU of skewing search results in favour of sending people to sites that suit the search behemoth or its paying customers, rather than in a more fair way.

But apparently Ken Walker, chief legal officer at Google, feels that EU claims are all just so much tosh.

He’s been in charge of submitting a weighty document of 150 pages to rebut the accusations from the European Commission, which has been investigating claims for some time that Google is bending the rules.

Walker wrote in his blog that the information Google has handed over to the European Commission shows that its product search is “robustly competitive”.

Google further said: “The [EC’s} SO (statement of objections) says that Google’s displays of paid ads from merchants (and, previously, of specialised groups of organic search results) “diverted” traffic away from shopping services. But the SO doesn’t back up that claim, doesn’t counter the significant benefits to consumers and advertisers, and doesn’t provide a clear legal theory to connect its claims with its proposed remedy.”

Google handed over information spanning more than 10 years for the Eurocrats to ponder in the privacy of their own offices.