European Union hammers Google

EU and country flags - Wikimedia CommonsAs we reported earlier today, EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager was expected to announce action against Google today.

And now she has given Google 10 weeks to respond to a statement of objections against Google for alleged anti-competitive behaviour.

Google said it didn’t agree to Vestager’s allegation. She has widened the investigation against Google by formally saying she will pursue whether the way Google supplies apps and services for the Android operating system also is an unfair abuse of trade. That is a separate investigation.

She believes that early findings showed that Google indeed gave prominence when people searched a site with people ending up seeing products and services the search behemoth sold.

Companies including Tripadvisor and Microsoft initially made the complaints in 2010.

She said she thought Google artificially skewed the comparison market in favour of its own services.

Amit Singhal, a senior executive at Google said on his blog that the allegations of harm for people and for the company’s competitors “are wide of the mark”.

But the complainants supported the EU commissioner’s actions today.

Other countries including Canada, Russia, Brazil, and Taiwan are also in the process of investigating Google’s alleged anti-competition practices.