EU ready to punish Google

GoogleA four year long investigation that alleges Google has behaved badly in the European Union is likely to be hit with fines and new strictures on activities, according to sources that have briefed news agencies.

This week the competition commissioner of the EU, Margrethe Vestager, is likely to say that Google has been a bit evil by skewing search results to suit its own commercial needs.

The commissioner could make her decision as early as today. Google has consistently denied it’s done anything wrong in Europe but has something like 90 percent market share for people searching for stuff.

Microsoft and other companies complained about Google activities in 2010 but recently the commissioner has ramped up her investigations.

Google, of course, will have the right to appeal against anything Vestager throws at the company so won’t have to open its wallet to let the moths fly out straight away.

Vestager has a wide range of options she could impose including hefty fines and limiting Google’s method of delivering search results.