Elop provides Aussie Telstra with brains

ElopThe former Microsoft boss who is credited with bringing Nokia to its knees has found a job down under, advising an Aussie telco how to get its act together.

Stephen Elop has been appointed to the new role of Telstra’s Group Executive Technology, Innovation and Strategy,  According to the company press release he will be  “leading Telstra’s strategy to become a world class technology company”.

Telstra is Australia’s largest telecommunications and media company which has been having a few outage problems lately. The former government department has done quite well although it does charge rather a lot for its services.

In a hugely amusing press release, Telstra cites Elop’s “deep technology experience” and “innate sense of customer expectations.”

Chief Executive Officer Andrew Penn said Elop’s new job  brings together aligned lines of business including the Chief Technology Office, Chief Scientist, Telstra Software Group and Corporate Strategy with strong links into product development functions.

Penn is new in the job himself, having taken over on a platform of making the outfit more customer focused.

Elop on the other hand is famous for his his “burning platform” email to Nokia staff in 2011.  He practically destroyed Nokia by telling staff that the company was “standing on a burning platform” and must “change its behavior,” suggesting that the adoption of a non-homegrown platform like Android or Windows Phone 7 is a more realistic possibility.

After he made that the company’s share price went into free fall.  In the end the company was bought by Microsoft and died a death.