Death cult forces brand name change


Yorkshire-based Isis-EX has decided that naming itself after the popular Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis is proving a bit of a liability.

When the company set up shop, calling yourself Isis had associations with Egyptian wealth, luxury and knowledge.  Unfortunately these days it is more associated with a head lopping desert death-cult which rapes and enslaves women and shoots people who disagree with it.

According to The Scarborough News Isis-EX  is now Ex-Isis and rebranded its self as Smart-Ex.  After all no-one could ever call the Isis death cult smart.

“We don’t want our name to evoke unpleasant associations, as iSiS-Ex had begun to,” a company spokesman said. “That’s not nice for our customers and it isn’t nice for us.”

The company follows  ISIS Equity Partners which rebranded to Livingbridge.

No-one of course has wondered if the Goddess Isis herself might be miffed and is sending a plague of boils, scorpions, frogs or something toxic to Smart-Ex.  After all hacking off a major deity can be problematic to your margins.