Coca-Cola goes to town with Big Blue

Coca-ColaIBM is so serious about its future cloud strategy that almost every day it tells us about some win it’s had with some major corporation.

But it said IBM signed up Coca-Cola to shift its Asia Pacific planning and management systems to the IBM Cloud.

The deal, said Big Blue, is worth many millions of dollars and it’s a follow up to another multi-million deal it signed with Coca Cola last year.

The IBM stuff will be hosted in two SofLayer cloud centres based in Australia.

A Coca-Cola chief information officer said that his firm needs the highest level of customer service, 24 hours a day, and seven days of the week. Barry Simpson, at Coke, said the firm has large transaction volumes depending on location, day, and season.

IBM said that fluctuations depending on season make it very expensive for Coca-Cola to manage its own IT infrastructure – and they would also need large capital investments.

The Australian sudsidiary of Coca-Cola also owns Coors beers, Sam Adams and Australian ciders.