Chinese rebel against Windows 10 upgrade

boxer-rebellion-hero-ABThe Chinese have put on their ceremonial boxers and revolted against Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade methods.

Chinese users of Volish products are criticizsng the software company’s push to get them to mandatorily upgrade their Windows operating systems.

According to the official Xinhua news agency posts critical of Microsoft on microblog site Weibo relating to the Windows 10 upgrade, which Microsoft users must switch to, have grown to over 1.2 million in number, it said.

Zhao Zhanling, a legal adviser with the Internet Society of China was quoted as saying Vole had abused its dominant market position and broken the market order for fair play.

He said users or consumer protection organizations had the right to file lawsuits against the company as Microsoft had not respected users’ right to know and choose, and may eventually profit from the unwanted upgrades.

Last year, Microsoft said it would offer free upgrades of Windows 10 to all Windows users, regardless of whether they are running genuine copies or not.

The move was seen at the time as an aggressive strategy by Microsoft to tackle rampant piracy in the Chinese computing market. Microsoft has been attempting to boost its business in China, where an anti-trust investigation into the company over its Windows operating system was launched in 2014.

But when the Windows’ pop-up upgrade window does not offer a “decline” option, only an option to upgrade later, Vole broke the rules.

Yang Shuo, a worker at a Beijing-based public relations company, told Xinhua that the sudden update interrupted his drafting of a business plan and led to a meeting cancellation for a deal worth $457,735.

“Just because I didn’t see the pop-up reminder does not mean I agreed,” he pointed out.