Apple peddles censored news

surprised-newspaper-readerFruity cargo cult Apple believes that there is a market for news “selected” for the needs of Apple fanboys..

The Apple News app is being billed as delivering readers a selection of stories from around the mediasphere that’s tailored to their specific interests and reading habits.

It claims that all its friends in the Tame Apple Press are signing up to join it.  In fact if you want to feel like being sick, you can always read what these “Apple partners” are saying about the awful service

“Like Apple Music before it, Apple News enjoys a distinct advantage over third-party competitors by virtue of coming preinstalled on every iPhone and iPad running iOS 9. Also like Apple Music before it, the app immediately impresses with its appealing interface—and gradually disappoints with its as-yet-unrealized potential,” enthused the Slate.

However the news system, which is supposed to protect you from the perils of click bait actually does stop decent stories going through.  It also gives you stories such as those which mention C list celebs and reality telly stars who no one should be interested in.

In fact, the signs are that what Apple wants you to read is probably not what you should be reading.  Whatever algorithms Apple is using is no better or worse than a human magazine editor.

However one thing is likely to be certain, you are not reading this story on Apple News.  Apple is a company which is famous for its reality distortion field.  It has a policy of not commenting on news which is unfavourable to it – unless it really has too.  Its recent statements about how well it is doing in China fly in the face of what analysts expect the company to archieve.

Trusting a company which operates in such a way selecting your news is insane.  How can you ever be sure that you will ever see a negative Apple story, or a piece of information you really need about your shiny too.