All roads lead to an end to global roaming

All roads lead to RomeThe European Union reached a preliminary deal on Tuesday to scrap mobile roaming charges across the 28-country bloc by June 2017.

The move is part of the old country’s overhaul of the telecoms market to boost growth and innovation.

Latvia, which holds the rotating EU presidency, has been spinning the idea which says that by 15 June 2017 roaming surcharges in the European Union will be abolished. The move has followed a 12 hours of talks with EU lawmakers which we assume were about global roaming but the news agencies were not that specific.

The EU plans to order telecoms operators to treat all internet traffic equally and to forbid any blocking unless it is being used to counter cyber-attacks or peak period throttling.

Companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Orange and Telecom Italia had lobbied to have more leeway to tap into a potentially lucrative source of revenue but Internet activists say this could create a two-speed Internet benefiting companies with deep pockets.