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HTC Mondrian details and photos leaked

One of the first mobile phones to house Windows Phone 7 will be the HTC Mondrian, according to some new leaked information. TechEye covered a Windows Phone 7 ROM leak recently, which showed what the new operating system would look like.

At the time there were rumours about a new HTC device dubbed “Mondrian”, but now we have confirmation of it in the form of leaked photos and specifications.

The details we know so far for the HTC Mondrian come from the XDA Developers forum, where it was discovered that the new device will have a 4.3-inch WVGA Optrex touchscreen display and no physical keyboard.

It will use a QSD8650A/B chipset, which is the only Snapdragon chipset that will allow the new 1.3GHz Scorpion processor, which suggests that the Mondrian may be a beast of a device.

There is also mention of CDMA and GSM, with an application that allows you to switch between the two, but it’s not yet certain if this will be on the finished product or if it’s just part of the test model.

The details are slim and HTC has yet to make any announcement regarding the Mondrian. TechEye has requested comment from HTC on the leaked information but has yet to receive a reply.

A picture showing a black and white model design has been leaked and can be seen below.

HTC Mondrian

Windows Phone 7 pictures leaked

While the Windows Phone 7 launch is still many months away a ROM image of a near-final release candidate has been leaked online.

The leaked version is build and WinSuperSite posted a number of pictures from it here.

Windows Phone 7 was first introduced at Mobile World Congress, where it was announced that the new mobile operating system would add in Xbox Live, the Zune music and video software, Office 2010, and all of the traditional things you would expect from a Windows-based OS.

It also touts a nifty feature of constantly updating live tiles. The idea is that you create a tile for a friend and it automatically updates with your friend’s latest pictures and posts. There will apparently be no static icons, as everything is designed for “life in motion”.

There will be a dedicated hardware button for Bing to allow access to search results from anywhere on the phone. There will also be six different hubs on offer: People, Pictures, Games, Music + Video, Marketplace, and Office, all of which can be seen in the pictures below.

Windows Phone 7 leak 1

Windows Phone 7 leak 2

Windows Phone 7 leak 3

Windows Phone 7 leak 4

Windows Phone 7 leak 5

Windows Phone 7 leak 6

Windows Phone 7 leak 7

Microsoft to release Pink phones next week

Software giant Microsoft is going to release its “Project Pink” phones early next week.

The mobile phones are to be flogged in the US by mobile operator Verizon Wireless. They are being targeted at heavy users of social networking sites and so will probably aimed at the young who like that sort of thing.

They looked to us like an updated Sidekick device and are to be made by Sidekick manufacturer Sharp.

However,  don’t expect them to be called anything to do with pink. That is pretty still much a colour for girls, sources inside Redmond have been leaking. Of course they could have marketed alongside Pink Floyd which is not girlie, however the yoof targeted in Project Pink are too young to be able to spot a Dark Side of the Moon reference so it is fairly pointless keeping it.

Actually the leaks have been taking place ever since Microsoft sent invitations to media to attend an event in San Francisco next Monday.

Actually Project Pink is not high on Microsoft’s mobile agenda. It is still mostly focused on Windows Phone 7 as it hopes to claw back some of the market share it is losing in the smartphone market.

Microsoft to go hardware in mobile space

While much of Microsoft’s focus this week was on pimping its wares around the upcoming launch of Windows 7 mobile, the Redmond-based software behemoth could not escape rampant speculations about the future of “Project Pink” and when we would finally see the long awaited entry of Microsoft into the Smart Phone market.

According to Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Kumar, Microsoft is working exclusively with Asustek to develop a Windows 7-based mobile device for release sometime in 2011.  

The device is expected to follow the candy bar touchscreen form factor and go head to head with the Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Nexus series in the battle royal for mobile phone supremacy.

According to Kumar the production of the phone has faced delays which were likely caused by software issues (We guess the blue screen of death has now gone mobile) which means we shouldn’t expect to see the device hit shelves until sometime in 2011.

The news comes just four days after Microsoft’s Windows 7 MWC announcement that committed to delivering availability of the Zune-like OS to customers for the “Holiday Season”.