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Assange caught out on another bluff

Julian AssangeJulian Assange has back tracked on another bluff he made with the American government.

Assange said that if the US let Chelsea Manning go, he would turn himself in.

At the same time, it made him look like Assange cared about Manning, despite mostly ignoring the person who made him and Wikileaks famous. He was on safe ground with this promise.  He thought that the US would never let Manning go in a month of Sundays.

Yesterday though, President Barak Obama reduced Manning’s sentence to the point where she will be out in May. This is a 120 day transition period, which gives people time to prepare and find somewhere to live,

But Assange is using that lag to once again avoid facing the music on his rape case.

Assange’s lawyers initially seemed to suggest that promise would be carried through  but it appears now that Assange will stay inside the embassy where it is nice and safe and no-one will charge him with rape.

Barry Pollack, Assange’s US-based attorney said that while Assange welcomed the announcement that Ms. Manning’s sentence will be reduced and she will be released in May, but this is well short of what he sought.

“Assange had called for Chelsea Manning to receive clemency and be released immediately.”

Since this is physically impossible, the whole “I will be extradited if Manning is let go” was all a PR stunt in which Assange once again tried to milk Manning’s bravery as a whistle-blower to draw attention to himself.

Julian Assange has been inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since summer 2012, refusing to meet prosecutors in Sweden, where he is wanted on a rape allegation. He has said that he fears that if he leaves he will be extradited to the US on espionage charges.

However, Assange does not face extradition to the US. Authorities and Wikileaks lawyers have refused to state whether such an extradition has requested, and this threat is entirely in Assange’s own head. If the US had wanted Assange gracing its cells it would have got an extradition when he was in the UK. If anything, Sweden is less likely to grant the US an extradition under those circumstances than the UK.

Snowden slaps Assange over tactics

snowden_2912545bWhistleblower Edward Snowden  has slammed Julian Assange’s tactics of releasing emails provided by Russia without checking them out properly.

Assange, desperate to get one over on Hillary Clinton, issued the documents which appear to have been thoughtfully provided by Tsar Putin’s disinformation department. Putin has made it clear he wants Donald Trump elected probably because he and a few of his Oligarchic mates have pile of money invested in Trump businesses.

Snowden said WikiLeaks was mistaken in not at least modestly curating the information it releases. “Democratizing information has never been more vital, and @Wikileaks has helped. But their hostility to even modest curation is a mistake,” Snowden said in a tweet.

Assange snipped back that “opportunism won’t earn you a pardon from Clinton & curation is not censorship of ruling party cash flows.” Sounds a bit like the pot calling the kettle black.  Assange is hoping Trump will be the sort of president who shares his views and tell the Swedes to stop with this rape investigation. He has no chance of that happening with a woman in the White House.

WikiLeaks recently released emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee, which suggested that committee officials had favored Clinton over rival Senator Bernie Sanders. There is speculation that the DNC was hacked by Russians aiming to influence the elections. WikiLeaks has refused to disclose its source.

WikiLeaks’ release of the emails, which contained sometimes information such as email ids, phone numbers and passport numbers of DNC donors has been criticized.

WikiLeaks was also criticized after its release of emails said to belong to Turkey’s ruling party, the AKP or Justice and Development Party. WikiLeaks also posted links on social media to databases that were said to contain sensitive and private information of millions of ordinary people, including a special database of almost all adult women in Turkey. It later turned out WikiLeaks had linked to a database uploaded by another person, which was disabled after the controversy.

Russians behind Democratic party hack

putin-buzz1It is starting to look like Tsar Putin is deploying his hacker army in a bid to get Donald Trump elected.

The hacker , Guccifer 2.0, who claimed to compromise the DNC swore he was Romanian. But new research shows he worked directly for the Vladimir Putin government in Moscow.

The hacker stole emails from the Democratic National Committee and provided them to WikiLeaks. However according to security researchers at ThreatConnect “he” is a team of people working for Putin’s propaganda arm.

If correct it fits in nicely with a conspiracy theory that Donald Trump does not want to show his tax returns because they will reveal business dealings with at least one of Putin’s oligarch chums.

The emails revealed that party insiders plotted ways to undermine Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid.

Rich Barger, ThreatConnect’s chief intelligence officer said Guccifer 2.0 has made inconsistent remarks and given a version of how he penetrated the DNC networks that technically don’t make sense. For instance, the hacker claims to have used a software flaw that didn’t exist until December 2015 to break into the DNC networks last summer.

The hacker also refused to speak in Romanian, another indication that he wasn’t who he claimed to be.

The researchers concluded that Guccifer 2.0 is actually an “apparition created under a hasty Russian [denial and deception] campaign” to influence political events in the US.

“Maintaining a ruse of this nature within both the physical and virtual domains requires believable and verifiable events which do not contradict one another. That is not the case here. By tracing Guccifer 2.0’s Internet infrastructure, the researchers concluded he—or the group—is “a Russia-controlled platform that can act as a censored hacktivist. Moscow determines what Guccifer 2.0 shares and thus can attempt to selectively impact media coverage, and potentially the election, in a way that ultimately benefits their national objectives,” the researchers wrote.

A growing number within the Obama administration believe this was designed to embarrass Democrats, exacerbate tensions between Hillary Clinton and her former rival Bernie Sanders—as well as his voters—and ultimately to give a boost to Republican nominee Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, President Obama confirmed that the while the FBI is investigating, “experts have attributed this to the Russians” and that it was “possible” the leak was designed to help the Trump campaign.

The hack looks rather bad for Wikileaks which either knowingly or unknowingly has agreed to be a Russian stooge.  It was smugly saying how proud it was of getting the scoop. Its leader Julian Assange has made it clear that he does not like Hillary Clinton because she was among those pushing to indict him after WikiLeaks disseminated a quarter of a million diplomatic cables during her tenure as secretary of state. He said that Trump would be unpredictable, but Clinton would run things in a way he did not approve. We guess he wants Clinton to run all her decisions past him first because he is just so damn important.

Assange has rejected suggestions that the Russians were behind the DNC hack, saying the party’s server security was so weak, it could have been hacked by various groups.  So this comes down to whether or not you trust an ego-maniac who is on the run from coppers who want to ask him about a rape case and is desperate to get into the media at any cost.


Turkey tries to stuff Wikileaks as it does something useful

turkey_with_apples_-_croppedrszTurkey’s Internet watchdog has blocked access to the WikiLeaks website in Turkey, it said, after the whistleblower organisation released nearly 300,000 emails from the ruling AK Party.

The Telecommunications Communications Board said on Wednesday that an “administrative measure” had been taken against the website – the term it commonly uses when blocking access to sites.

All emails are attributed to “akparti.org.tr”, the primary domain of the main political force in the country, and cover a period from 2010 up until July 6, 2016, just a week before the failed military coup.

The Turkish supporters of President Erdogan are believed to have tried to break the Wikileaks site with a huge DoS attack to prevent the information getting out. So far Wikileaks thinks they have managed to have beat the attack off.

The government of Turkey is continuing its massive crackdown following a failed coup attempt during which more than 200 people lost their lives as fractions of the armed forces attempted to seize control of several key places in the cities of Ankara and Istanbul. Over 1,400 were injured over the course of armed clashes.

In the wake of the failed takeover, thousands have been detained or lost their posts across the judiciary, military, interior ministry and civil service sectors. This includes teachers and university professors because Turks under Erdogan don’t need no education .

Wikileaks has not been doing that much lately other than trying to increase the profile of its leader Julian Assange, who is still sitting in a London embassy because he refuses to answer questions from Swedish authorities about an alleged sex offence. Because of its “Assange orientation” Wikileaks has been basically subverted and eclipsed by leaks from Edward Snowden.

It is not clear what material Wikileaks has its paws on. However other leaks about Erdogan’s government have shown widescale corruption at the highest levels. Erdogan has done his best to block such information being released.


Assange’s UN ruling was all spin

Julian AssangeThe presentation of UN information that Julian Assange was being ‘arbitrarily detained’ was all smoke and mirrors according to the Aussie government.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade says a UN panel’s ruling, which found Julian Assange was being ‘arbitrarily detained’, is not  legally binding and it did not even bother to ask the Swedish or British government’s opinion.

Department official Jon Philp told a Senate Estimates hearing in Canberra that no representations have been made to Sweden about Assange’s case since December 2011.

This is because he is receiving due process under those legal systems.

The 44-year-old Australian is likely to remain holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London after the UK and Swedish governments rejected the UN’s ruling earlier this month.

The Aussies said the UK authorities are legitimately holding Assange’s passport, and Australia would not seek to intervene.

Three allegations of sexual assault in Sweden were dropped against Assange last year, when they reached their five year statute of limitations.

However, Swedish prosecutors still want to question him over a 2010 rape allegation. Assange has denied all allegations.

The UN Working Group does have some alarming features.  Not only did it say that Assange had been locked up illegally (something which happened only because he ignored the legal system) it insists that he was entitled to compensation for his troubles.

So theoretically you can rape someone, be arrested, avoid a trial and never have to face the music and you will get the backing of the UN who will ignore the real victims of your crimes.

Last week, Assange staged a PR stunt claiming that he would hand himself over to British and Swedish authorities if the United Nations panel announced he had lost his case. If the Aussie government is right then it was all a media arranged event because Assange knew that the British and the Swedish would never dismantle their legal systems just to let him get out.

Assange says he will surrender if he loses UN case

Julian AssangeOn the lamb Julian Assange says he will agree to be arrested by British police tomorrow if a UN investigation into his three-and-a-half years holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in central London does not rule that he was illegally detained.

Assange has been living in the Ecuadorian embassy since June 2012, after Swedish authorities sought his extradition. The United Nations working group on arbitrary detention is set to hand down a decision on Assange’s case on Friday morning.

Assange told the UN that his detention was arbitrary and unlawful. It rests on a challenge to the European extradition system, his inability to access the benefit of the grant of asylum by Ecuador, and what he argues is his long-term detention.

In a statement issued by WikiLeaks on Twitter, Assange said: “Should the UN announce tomorrow that I have lost my case against the United Kingdom and Sweden, I shall exit the embassy at noon on Friday to accept arrest by British police as there is no meaningful prospect of further appeal.

“However, should I prevail and the state parties be found to have acted unlawfully, I expect the immediate return of my passport and the termination of further attempts to arrest me.”

The WikiLeaks founder had raised repeated concerns about Swedish demands that he be questioned in person over the allegations, due to fears he may be extradited to the United States.

Swedish authorities have come under scrutiny for their approach to questioning him. It was only in January 2016 that a deal was finally struck by prosecutors with Ecuadorian officials to allow Assange to be questioned at the embassy in London.

Swedish authorities said three of the offences are out of their statute of limitations. But they still want to talk to him about a further allegation of rape.

Julian Assange gets paranoid about Harrods

Mohamed+Al+Fayed+Mohammed+Al+Fayed+Gives+Evidence+F8ymLHkaD8glWikileaks’ Julian Assange, who will not face a Swedish sex charge inquiry because he thinks it is all a  CIA plot, now thinks the dark forces of Mohamed Abdel Moneim Al-Fayed have joined in.

Al-Fayed who is a big supporter of the monarchy, and particularly Prince Phillip, has apparently been involved in a plot to spy on Assange and all his doings.

Al-Fayed owns Harrods which is just across the road from Assange who has placed himself under house arrest in the Ecuadorean embassy secretly helping police to spy on him in his embassy hideout.

In an interview, Assange claimed that Scotland Yard had developed a ‘relationship’ with Harrods, adding: ‘We have obtained documents from Harrods [saying that] police have people stationed 24 hours a day in some of the opposing buildings Harrods controls.’

The 44-year-old, who also fears he is being bugged, has lived at the embassy in London’s Knightsbridge since Ecuador gave him asylum in 2012.

The British Government wants to extradite him to Sweden under a European Arrest Warrant where he faces questioning over an allegation of rape made by a woman he met during a visit to the country in 2010.

Assange is still insisting that if he is sent to Sweden he will be extradited to the US, where he could face 35 years in prison for publishing classified documents related to US activities in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Unfortunately that boat sailed a long time ago and if the US wanted to extradite him the UK would have happily have packed him off years ago.

So far it has cost the UK £11 million to keep an eye on Assange’s to stop him sneaking out. Assange also told The Times magazine about his fears that he could be ‘droned’ by the CIA if he is ever free.

Sweden abandons three Julian Assange allegations

Julian AssangeSwedish prosecutors have decided to abandon investigations into three alleged sexual assault charges against Julian Assange because there’s a statutory time limitation on inquiries that’s elapsed.

But a rape accusation is still being investigated although Swedish prosecutors still need to interview Assange. There’s been a suggestion in recent weeks that such an interview could take place in the Ecuador Embassy following conversations between the two governments.

Assange has been holed up in the Ecuador Embassy in London since 2012. The allegation of rape still has five years to run before the Swedish time limitation rule kicks in.

Assange has denied all the charges. He claims that he sought asylum in the Embassy because he feared that if he was extradited to Sweden, the USA might extradite him to the USA, which would dearly love to get its hands on him because of the secret documents Wikileaks published five years ago.

US and British spy on French

spyThe US NSA and UK spooks seemed a little worried about where the French were going after they liberated them during WW2.

Apparently both organisations spied on French presidents Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande.

According to WikiLeaks documents first reported in French daily Liberation and on news website Mediapart, the NSA spied on the presidents during a period of at least 2006 until May 2012, the month Hollande took over from Sarkozy.

WikiLeaks said the documents derived from directly targeted NSA surveillance of the communications of Hollande, Sarkozy  and Chirac, as well as French cabinet ministers and the French ambassador to the U.S.

Sarkozy was spied on because he was considering restarting Israeli-Palestinian peace talks without US involvement and Hollande because he feared a Greek euro zone exit back in 2012.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said in the statement that the French people have a right to know that their elected government is subject to hostile surveillance from a supposed ally. He is clearly planning to milk the document leak by staggering their release.

The documents include summaries of conversations between French government officials on the global financial crisis, the future of the European Union, the relationship between Hollande’s administration and Merkel’s government, French efforts to determine the make-up of the executive staff of the United Nations, and a dispute between the French and U.S. governments over U.S. spying on France.

The documents also contained the mobile phone numbers of numerous officials in the Elysee presidential palace including the direct cell phone of the president, WikiLeaks said.

Last week, WikiLeaks published more than 60,000 diplomatic cables from Saudi Arabia and said on its website it would release half a million more in the coming weeks.
Socialist Hollande, who at that point had been in power a few days, had been disappointed by a first meeting as president with conservative German Chancellor Angela Merkel and requested talks with leaders of the Social Democratic Party, her centre-left junior coalition partner.

“Hollande stressed that the meeting would be secret,” WikiLeaks quoted an NSA intercept from May 22, 2012 as saying of talks he requested with “appropriate ministers” in his cabinet to discuss possible fall-out on France’s economy and banks if Greece exited the euro zone.

Ironically the Sarkozy leak is beneficial to the pint sized former president. In France he was widely considered in France to be a pro-American puppet who propped up the US film industry so he and his nice wife could go to Hollywood parties. However these leaks showed him being critical of the U.S. government’s handling of the financial crisis and blamed many of the current economic problems on mistakes made by the US government.

Sony hits out at Wikileaks

Julian AssangeWikileaks has published a mass of Sony data on its site, based on the hack that Sony suffered at the end of last year.

Julian Assange, Wikileaks’ founder, claimed the publication of the hacked material was in the public interest because it revealed the machinations of multinational corporations. Assange is currently holed up in the Ecuador embassy in London, in an attempt to avoid extradition to Sweden.

He said in a post on the Wikileaks web site that the information revealed close connections between the Sony corporation and lobbying activities at the heart of the US government in Washington DC.

There is nothing particularly new about this though – for years Intel, Microsoft and others have had little offices in Washington DC in a bid to influence American politicos to vo their way. Sony has also extensive links with the MPAA – but that isn’t much of a surprise either.

Sony hit out against the publishing of the hacking information – suggesting that Wikileaks was colluding with criminals by publishing the material.

Assange said that the material is newsworthy and belongs in the public domain. He said Wikileaks would make sure the information stayed up on the web.