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Texas Instruments does rather well

771423493_oThe maker of our first digital watch (pictured), Texas Instruments is doing a lot better than the cocaine nose jobs of Wall Street had predicted.

TI said that its rather shapely bottom line was thanks to higher sales of its analogue and embedded chips.

The chipmaker predicted revenues of $3.07 billion-$3.33 billion for the fourth quarter ending December. Analysts on average $3.12 billion.

It was not all great. The company said that net profit fell to $798 million from $826 million a year earlier. Revenues fell two percent to $3.43 billion due to weak overall demand.

Analysts on average had expected revenue of $3.28 billion.

Analogue chips and embedded chips, used mostly in things like sensors. They are being touted as the next big thing, because of the arrival of the Internet of Things. However since IoT has not really arrived yet, it is surprising to see TI doing so well.

It does mean that if the IoT really does take off, then TI will be taking wheelbarrows of dosh to the bank every day.

Turn your car on with your Apple iWatch

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 15.20.57A company has introduced an Apple Watch application which lets you find it, start it and manage it.

Connect2Car, which specialises in automotive digital applications, said the app will let people unlock the door, start the car, or find it if you’ve lost it in a giant car park.

The app interacts with other Connect2Car units which sell for between $139 and $199.

In addition to these features, the app also includes speed limit alerts, vehicle alarm notifications, and driving history.

The company has released the Apple Watch app in the App store, and it also an Android version of the application available on the Google Play Store.

Apple share price climbs out of the pit

Apple's CEO, Tim CookAt the opening of trading on NASDAQ today, Apple’s share price (tick: APPL) stood at $121.99 but it’s made some recovery during the day and at press time stands at $124.19.

Apple’s financial results, which we reported on early today, resulted in a low in after hours trading of $199.96 – its share price had closed at $130.75.

While financial analysts still remain bullish about Apple’s future sales, it seems investors have their doubts.

CEO Tim Cook wasn’t saying whether sales of its iWatch were buoyant – but the concensus seems to be that it possibly shipped two million units during its financial quarter since it was released in April this year.

But analysts had predicted that as many as five million of the watches would ship – most of the revenues Apple generated came from the iPhone, but there are signs that sales of the smartphones may not be as brilliant as Apple obviously hopes.

Apple is supposed to bring out more iPhones this autumn, but there’s no guarantee that people will upgrade to any new phones it might launch.

Apple’s iPad is suffering from generally flat sales of tablets worldwide – and it’s rumoured to be bringing out one with a larger display later this year. The problems is that people don’t upgrade their tablets very often.

Irish company sues Apple

Apple WatchA software development firms is taking legal action against Apple because it believes it has appropriated its trade mark name iWatch.

Even though Apple doesn’t market its smart watch as the iWatch, Probendi is alleging that it’s bought into Google so that if anyone does a search on the term, it brings up adverts for the Apple watch.

According to Bloomberg, which has seen the court documents, Probendi filed suit against Apple in Milan on June the 26th.

It alleges Apple “systematically used iWatch” on the Google search engine to point people to its own website.

Intel tried to trademark the letter “i” many years ago but failed.

Probendi told Bloomberg that it had warned Apple against using the term iWatch. It is, apparently, working on a smart watch that would be cheaper than Apple’s and run Android.

Three years ago, Apple shelled out $60 million to a Chinese firm for using the term iPad.

Quanta bullish about Apple Watch sales

WatchQuanta Computer is a Taiwanese original development manufacturer (ODM) and its business grew on the back of it making notebook PCs for manufacturers.

But recently it has diversified, and as well as making servers that it ships direct to selected customers, it’s also making the Apple Watch.

It’s the sole manufacturer so far, and told the Digitimes wire that it expected a large growth in shipments of the watches in the second half of this year.

It also discounted rumours that other manufacturers were being lined up to second source Apple Watch production, but that could well happen if the device becomes as popular as the company hopes.

Digitimes thinks that as many as 40 million watches could ship this year, but other sources are far less buoyant about its future.

Quanta turned in $2.49 billion in revenues during the month of May, much of that not based on notebook PCs but on its diversified ranges.

Apple launches iWatch in more countries

Apple WatchAlthough Apple has not said exactly how well its watch has done since its debut, it said today it will introduce the gadget in seven more countries on the 26th of June.

But Jeff Williams, a senior VP at Apple, said: “The response to Apple Watch has surpassed our expectations in every way.”

He said the machine will be introduced in Italy, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan at the end of the month.

Williams said: “We’re also making great progress with the backlog of Apple Watch orders. All orders placed through May, with the sole exception of Apple Watch 42 mm Space Black Stainless Steel with Space Black Link Bracelet, will ship to customers within two weeks.”

He said that it will also begin selling some models in its Apple stores, although he did not specify exactly which models and which stores.

He said that there have already been thousands of apps created for the unit.

34 million smartwatch displays to ship

WatchA market research company said that smartwatch display units will grow by 250 percent this year with 34 million units shippings.

That’s largely because of the publicity and demand for Apple’s iWatch, said IHS.

But the manufacturers are being cautious about over supplying units, the report said. For example, it said that smartwatch display shipments will fall to 6.5 million units in the fourth quarter of this year.

The majority of display panels shipped this year will use AMOLED technology. That’s because both Apple and Samsung use this technology.

Out of the AMOLED watch panels shipped, Apple is expected to consume 84 percent of the shipments.

Analyst Hiroshi Hayase at IHS said: “The display market is carefully watching consumer response to products in the smartwatch category.”

Apple Watch costs $83.70 to make

Apple watchA US market research company has followed the lead of ABI Research and torn apart an Apple Watch.

But the shocking news is that it only costs $83.70 to make.

IHS said the watch has the lowest ratio of hardware costs to retail price of typical Apple products – other products the company has looked at have hardware cost to manufacturer retail price of 29 to 38 percent.

The Apple Watch is only 24 percent of the retail price.

There are, of course, other costs beyond the bill of materials (BOM) which IHS said include logistics, capital expenses, R&D, software, IP licensing and the like.

But even given that, it is a pretty healthy margin for Apple.

Apple has introduced new features and manufacturing in the Apple Watch Sport including a pulse oximeter, a force touch engine, and taptic engine feedback using a linear actuator.

The display is a plastic LG display.

Forget the Apple Watch, analysts say

Withings Activite PopThe people at ABI Research have torn apart the Withings Activite Pop watch and described it as elegant and simple.

The watch, said Jim Mielke, VP of Teardowns, at ABI, provides eight months battery life and uses micro amps of current. The watch is a combination of semiconductor tech and mechanical hand movement mechanisms.

Mielke said the battery life is impressive because most time or activity trackers “are working hard just to get a few days of battery life”.

The machine has a Bluetooth system on a chip, and an accelerometer built into its design. It retails in the UK for about £120.

Mielke said: ‘This merger of technology could become the standard for a long battery life, always on smart watch and or fitness trackers, especially for traditional watch makers. Enabling a long batter life provides clear advantages over the smart watches coming from smartphone vendors.”

The watch synchronises with your smartphone clock. It’s compatible with both Apple iOS and Android operating systems and connects to the smartphones using Bluetooth.

Apple turns taps up on iWatch supply

WatchA glut of orders for the Apple watch over the weekend has caused the company to make a statement later today on the number of customers that have committed to buy.

And, according to a report on Reuters, Apple will ask its Asian suppliers to increase production to meet demand for the much hyped device.

Some analysts estimate that as many as a million people placed order for the iWatch at the end of last week. One analyst claimed that Apple sold out within the 10 to 30 minutes.

Other analysts believe that Apple will sell as many as 20 million watches in the first year, which is a success in anyone’s book.

Delivery date for the iWatch is the 24th of April and it’s unclear whether Apple will be able to meet demand.

Most see the Apple iWatch as a fashion accessory rather than a practical piece of kit.