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Volvo engineer rubbishes Telsa’s unsafe automatic driving

vintage-car-crash-2An engineer for the outfit which gave the world the seat-belt is claiming that Tesla’s self driving car mechanism is unsafe.

Volvo engineer Trent Victor, senior technical leader of crash avoidance for Volvo, claims Tesla’s Autopilot system was being pushed as being far more capable than it actually is.

Victor said that the Autopilot “gives you the impression that it’s doing more than it is.” and said Tesla’s system was  an “unsupervised wannabe”.

Volvo is working on a Level 4 autonomous car, whereas Tesla’s Autopilot is considered a Level 3. The distinction is that a Level 3 autonomous system still relinquishes the controls back to the driver in the event of extreme conditions the computer can no longer manage, which Victor (and Volvo) finds extremely dangerous. A Level 4 car doesn’t require the “driver” to be in control at any time.
For now Tesla’s Autopilot system is widely considered to be the most advanced technology on the market, though Volvo’s argument that its inability to handle complicated driving conditions and rely on a driver that may be distracted due to a false impression of supervision deserves credence.


Nvidia gets under the bonnet of Volvo

volvo-adNvidia says that it has teamed up with the Swedish inventor of seat belts to place its chips under the bonnet of its cars.

Nvidia unveiled a new, lunchbox-size super-computer for self-driving cars and said Volvo Car Group will be the new device’s first customer.

CEO Jen-Hsung Huang said that his new Drive PX 2 has computing power equivalent to 150 PCs and can deliver up to 24 trillion “deep learning” operations – allowing the computer to use artificial intelligence to program itself to recognise driving situations – per second.

Partnerships between automakers and Silicon Valley companies on self-driving technologies are taking centre stage at this year’s show.

General Motors has announced a $500 million investment in ride-sharing service outfit Lyft.
Huang didn’t say how much his company is going to profit on the Drive PX 2, but automotive is the fastest-growing business segment for Nvidia. Its bread and butter is still video game GPUs.

Microsoft teams up with Volvo

Microsoft campusVolvo and Microsoft have formed a partnership that will allow people test drive motor cars using augmented reality.

Volvo said it will introduce Microsoft HoloLens to its sales outlets in 2016 to show off its cars and to even test drive systems.

The HoloLens will let people see safety features incorporated into Volvo cars.

Microsoft is pushing HoloLens for all it’s worth and is set to introduce $3,000 software development kits (SDKs) in early 2016.

It wants to capture more corporate customers as it seeks to expand its business beyond operating systems and other software.

While Volvo’s current system lets people look at the vehicle full size using the HoloLens, Volvo plans to develop tools to let people sit in a real car and take an augmented reality test drive.