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Slice of Tosh tellies might go to Turkey

Turkey’s Vestel is in talks to buy the television unit of Japan’s troubled Toshiba.

An unnamed official for the Turkish maker of electronics and home appliances has confirmed that his company has put in a bid for cash strapped Tosh’s telly business.

Tosh needs the cash. Toshiba, a televisions-to-construction conglomerate expects to book a net loss of about $9 billion for the year that ended in March, due to a writedown related to cost overruns at its US nuclear unit Westinghouse that recently went bankrupt.

It has already said that it will flog off its profit making chip business, but no one really expected its tellies to go Turkish, or that it could find a buyer for its TV business.

Vestel last year signed a five-year agreement with Toshiba, giving it the right to produce and sell televisions under the Toshiba brand in Europe. It is not clear if the Toshiba brand in Europe will get the works, if the deal goes ahead that will be no-body’s business but the Turks.


Yahoo to roll out IPTV in Europe

Microsoft collaborator and search engine has-been Yahoo today said it has hooked up with Vestel Group, a Turkish maker of LCD TVs, set-top-boxes, consumer electronics and washing machines.

The two companies plan to install Yahoo’s Connected TV service on both Vestel’s self-branded and OEM branded tellies and roll it all out over 40 countries in Europe early next year.

Yahoo Connected allows consumers to access eBay, see movie streams on video site Coolroom, access internet content and shop on eBay, bugger about on Twitter and Facebook and get the latest non-news from Sky and Bild.

Bild is Germany’s leading tabloid newspaper, so punters better be prepared for boobies and sex crime voyeurism. On top of it all, one can fondle one’s widgets while watching TV. Developers can create nice new widgets, or apps, as Apple and Google call them, using Yahoo’s TV WDK (Widget Development Kit).

Vestel Group claims to have a share of 16 percent of the European LCD TV and a 25 percent share of the digital set-top box market. In Germany, it sells ovens, tellies and so on to retailers under the Techwood brand. The group is composed of 25 subsidiaries and had a turnover of €3.7 billion last year.

Yahoo so far cooperates with Sony, Samsung, LG TV, Vizio and so forth. Sony, however, will also be unleashing a high-definition Bravia LCD TV featuring Google’s offering, unsurprisingly called Google TV. The telly is expected to go on sale in the near future, alongside Blu-Ray players.

Google TV aggregates TV content from various channels, similar to Google News, allowing viewers to search for and watch shows. Searching for “Dr House” will link to sites and services as diverse as Netflix and Youtube. Yahoo TV, by comparison, makes heavy use of widgets, which can be likened to the good old teletext of yesteryear.