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4K TV panel sales go through the roof

old-school-tvUS analyst company IHS has confirmed other reports about the future of 4K TV – the technology is going through a boom period right now and into 2016.

In case you don’t get the picture, 4K ultra HD televisions can show as many as eight million pixels per screen compared to two million for 1080p Full HD.

IHS said that in 2016, one of five TVs will use 4K TV panels – that’s down to people wanting high definition images as well as better production from the companies that make the panels.

And, according to senior analyst Linda Lin, prices of the panels began to fall in 2014 and earlier this year. She said most TV brands now have 4K UHD products.

South Korean companies are now leading the race to produce panels with LG Display and Samsung the biggest manufacturers worldwide.

IHS said shipments of 4K TV panels were over three million units in April this year – that’s 14 percent of all TV panels.

Sharp to slash 5,000 jobs

Sharp is planning to let go 5,000 workers over the next three years. Most of the cuts are expected at overseas plans in China and Malaysia. 

The Japanese tech giant currently employs around 51,000 souls and most of the cuts will affect its TV business. The company will also halve the number of workers at its head offices and halve the number of its board members. 

The cuts are just part of Sharp’s three-year plan to recover from the effects of the global economic downturn. It will also revise its strategic approach, shifting its focus to the production of smaller panels for smartphones and other devices, as they have more added value than big TV panels. However, it will increase production of 4K panels for big UHD TV sets, reports The Asahi Shimbun.

In the grand scheme of things, Sharp hopes to concentrate its efforts on more profitable products and boost revenue. It is looking to recover its credit rating, making it possible to issue corporate bonds. However, its revenues and sales are still going down and it is expected to post a net loss in excess of 500 billion yen.

Part of the problem is that prices of TV sets and LCD panels are declining faster than expected.