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Enterprises consider internet of things strategic

internet of thingsA report from IDC said that a survey it conducted showed that 73 percent of organisations surveyed have either already inplemented internet of things strategies or will do so in the next year.

Different sectors are moving at different speeds, however. IDC said that the healthcare industry is ahead of the game, followed by transportation and manufacturing.

But government lags behind, the report said.

IDC surveyed 2,500 respondents from 15 countries and claims that has shown that the internet of things “is not just a concept but a real global accelerator of the third platform”.

But organisation are still chary about implementation, with security a major worry as well as putting up money and ongoing costs.

And in 2015, hardware vendors fell behind software vendors in implenting products and plans.

The retail industry, said IDC, is currently the underdog but that is set to change on the next 24 months.

The enterprises surveyed by IDC included organisations with over 500 employees and 50 percent of those who responded had at least heard of the phrase internet of things.