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Thunderstorm hits Microsoft’s Windows 10 nagware

live_tv_windows_10Microsoft’s Windows 10 nagware is making a public idiot of the company and rendering the software customers have paid for unfit for the purpose.

The latest public humiliation of the company happened during a live TV weather forecast. Instead of the weather map that the television station KCCI wanted, the screen was full of a demand that meteorologist Metinka Slater upgrade to Windows 10 immediately.

Slater was busy trying to warn the good and the bad citizens of Iowa about thunderstorms rolling through Iowa, which was a little more important than a software upgrade.

“Microsoft recommends upgrading to Windows 10. Gosh, what should I do?” Slater asked the viewing public.  Upgrading to Linux instead perhaps? Certainly a TV company can’t risk being seen as being that unprofessional ever again.

Microsoft is increasingly alienating people from its Windows 10 operating system with these sorts of antics. Forced upgrades of any sort are a pain.  We know this because even after you upgrade to Windows you are forced to upgrade on demand even when you do not have enough disk space.  Windows 10 wants to upgrade itself every morning and fills up our hard drive and then insists that it needs 5GB to install itself which the SSD slave drive does not have.

Frankly we hope that the TV Company sues Microsoft, because there does not seem to be any way to make the company understand that nagware on legitimate paid for software is just wrong.

Engadget shows off Dell phone prototypes

It seems that the world+dog is leaking top secret plans to the IT media these days. Not only does Gizmodo score a 4G iPhone but its number one rival Engadget appears to have picked up the details of three of Dell’s new smartphones.

Two of them are affectionately named Thunder and Lightning which in German was a swear word, at least in the war comics I read as a kiddie. The Dell Thunder is a candy bar-style phone with a 4.1″ (WVGA) OLED display.  It has an 8MP digital camera, and includes HSDPA support.

Engadget claims the Thunder will have a integrated Hulu app for viewing movies and TV. An LTE version of the Thunder will tip up next year.

The Lightning is a slider phone which will run Windows Phone 7 operating system and has HSDPA 7.2Mbps 3G connectivity. It has a 4.1″ (WVGA) OLED screen, an autofocusing 5MP camera and has a 1GHz (QSD8250) Snapdragon processor under the bonnet.  The Lightning has 1GB of flash and features 512MB of RAM.

Lastly is Flash which will have an 800MHz Qualcomm processor, 512MB RAM / 512MB ROM, 3.5″ WVGA display, Bluetooth 3.0, and TV-out.

Dell says the flash has an “innovative design with unique curved glass”.