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Scientology gets PR push wrong

The Church of Scientology has its press list all mixed up. We got an email through today asking us to edit an article about Janet Reitman’s new expose of the group, Inside Scientology.

“You posted today a story,” the spokesperson Karin Pouw begins. We’re told Reitman’s book is full of errors which our writer “omitted to mention”. TechEye also has Scientology’s official response so that it’s available to our readers. 

The problem is a search on TechEye reveals that the last time Scientology was mentioned was on the 27th January this year, when Anonymous members were arrested and we mentioned its operations protesting Scientology. In passing

“Our” writer, David Konow, who we would probably hire not fire, actually works for TG Daily. His news story is here

We won’t, then, be publishing Scientology’s official response because it’s not relevant and our readers are not interested. 

Microsoft drinks, drinks to Lily the Pink

Pink is the colour, devices land in spring. That’s what the blokes at Engadget believe, based on an article by Mary Jo Foley. That article is here.

Jock McFrockAt TG Daily there’s a report saying that scientists believe that runners could get up to 40 miles an hour – they’ve established the theoretic limits of running speed. I can manage three miles an hour when I’m topped up with a couple of Taliskers. That’s here.

Power supplies seem to be the name of the game over at the hardware sites these days – HardOCP reviews one with the compelling name of ABS Majesty MJ1100-M 1100W. It’s here.

Hexus has tested an Inno3D graphics card and the lengthy cognomen it’s been landed with outbids Mr Majesty above – because it’s called the GeForce GT 240 XStriker 3 iChill 512MB.  The name weighs almost as much as the card. The review is here.

The guys at Anandtech review the Intel Core i3 530 microprocessor and conclude that it’s a wonder of the world for overclockers and for gamers. The 530 clocks 2.93GHz but only costs $113. It doesn’t have a turbo mode. The review is here.

Gizmodo has a fun piece about the timeline of the Apple Tablet – in some senses it goes back to the Victorian Era, they reckon. That’s here.

IBM reckons it has set a new record in magnetic tape data density – it has created a prototype that has a density of 29.5 billion bits a square inch – about 39 times the areal data density of the best of the bunch. The tape is based on particles of barrium ferrite (BaFe). There’s a video all about it – below.

Let your jeans juice up your phone

Boffins have come up with a cunning plan to allow you to charge your mobile phone by just wearing your clothes.

That’s according to a report in TG Daily, which says that cotton and polyester can be made into conductive energy textiles. It’s scientists at Stanford that have come up with the brainwave.

But, as the story points out, there’s a serious snagette. First you have to take your clothes off when you go to bed and re-charge your clothes rather than your phone overnight.

Carbon nanotubes are apparently the key to this not-so-amazing breakthrough – the material is soaked with a solution which has the ability to store electricity.

Perhaps what is amazing is that once the nanotubes are part of the fabric, they can be washed, dried and perhaps even ironed.

The TG Daily story is here.

Apple turns legal screws on Nokia

The spat between Apple and Nokia over phone technology ratched up a knot on Friday when the Cupertino company filed a further complaint with US body the International Trade Commission (ITC).

The fed agency probes unfair trade practices and Nokia had already complained to the ITC in December, claiming Apple breached seven patents it owns, and wanting the body to ban imports of rather important products such as the MacBook, the iPhone, and the iPod.

Although Apple is an Apple pie American company, it uses various ODMs (original design manufacturers) in the Far East to make equipment for it.

Nokia and Apple are already in a bitter and twisted fight in US courts over patents. Nokia claims Apple has infringed a number of patents it owns and wants damages. Apple claims Nokia infringes its patents.

Yet, back at the Etre conference in early October, Oli-Pekka Kallasvuo shrugged off competition from Apple and the iPhone. According to TG Daily, Kallasvuo said that Nokia needed to compete with “new people” like Apple as well.

Nokia, according to the Bloomberg wire, will have a close look at the complaint and alleged Apple was riding on the Finnish firm’s coat tails.

British multi-millionaire buys Segway

A British multi-millionaire from Leeds has bought motion company Segway for an undisclosed amount.

The story was revealed by US site TG Daily, which quotes a source close to the company as saying that he expected it would start outsourcing manufacturing of its components to another country – but not the UK.

Segway responded to a TG Daily’s reporter’s request for information by pointing to an internal blog. That said the deal occurred on Christmas Eve, when it was sold to businessman Jimmy Heselden, the chairman of Hesco Bastion. He already owned a share in a Segway UK distributorship.

Segway also received additional funding from Hesco Bastion. Heselden’s wealth is considered to be over £200 million.

The TG Daily story is here.