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Steve Jobs' biography in less than 250 words

My name is Steve Jobs.

I am quite old but I am an alpha male.

I look really good in turtle necks and jeans for crying out loud.

I was born February 24, 1955 and so I am much younger than Mad Mike Magee.

I am also far richer than Mad Mike Magee. He is not on our press list.

I don’t like him. He wears 501 jeans too but doesn’t look good in a turtleneck. I know that, because I’ve met him.

I was married by a Zen Buddhist. What is the sound of one hand clapping?

 Steve Jobs, happy guy  

I like the Beatles even though I found myself in litigation with Apple Corp.

I met Mike Magee at the London Palladium when I was launching my really fabulous NeXT box. I sold that to Apple for nearly $250 million. I am more handsome and far richer than Mike Magee and my Wikipedia entry is way way longer than his. He’s a  jerk and requires total disambiguation.