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GloFo partners with SVTC for more MEMS

Global Foundries has its sights set on MEMS – micro electro mechanical systems – which are used for sensors and mechanical elements, integrated on silicon. It has today announced a strategic partnership with SVTC Technologies to speed up its route to becoming the biggest player in MEMS foundry.

MEMS are needed in everything – from smartphones, to inkjet printers and applications in the aerospace, medical, defence, automotive and industrial sectors plus more. GloFo wants to be a leader and is making an aggressive push. SVTC is going to give GloFo access to its full-scale development facilities – meaning it can get going on designing and developing silicon-based technology, faster.

CEO at SVTC, Bert Bruggeman, reveals there’s plenty of opportunity in the MEMS market: “The market is growing dramatically, but fabless designers currently have limited options for bringing their MEMS designs to market in high volumes.” The partnership between GloFo and SVTC means designs and development initiatives will be pushed out faster.

GloFo is focusing on three applications in particular, accelerometers, gyroscopes and RF MEMS. RF MEMS handle multi-band operation on mobiles. GloFo’s main MEMS capabilities are found at its Fab 3E plant in Singapore, a country that’s gaining traction on the MEMS market.

Meanwhile, GlobalFoundries has also announced three design services companies to join as partners – Infotech Enterprises Limited, Verisilicon and Wipro. The idea is that all three will be able to assist in its time-to-volume for systems-on-chip (SoC) and advanced technology nodes.

They join other certified and active partners including eSilicon and Open Silicon. 

The new partners will benefit by gaining early access to GloFo technology. GloFo will benefit from development and designs – VeriSilicon for example offers application oriented SoC platforms as well as software stacks and a healthy R&D team. Same goes for WiPro, which will contribute designs to SoC.