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Amazon slashes Windows Phone 7 prices to $0.01

In efforts to flog off what probably turned out to be the wrong products to stock, Amazon has slashed the prices of two of its Windows Phone 7 smartphones, the HTC Surround and LG Quantum, to a dirt cheap $0.01.

While neither may have seemed that attractive since their launch a month ago, the major price slash, which is in comparison to a list price of a whopping $500, makes them very hard to pass up.

There’s a catch, however. The one cent bargain comes with a two-year prison sentence, we mean contract, with AT&T, which will undoubtedly cost you a lot more. Some previous customers have claimed there is a soul involved in the contract somewhere, but we were unable to verify that.

Network carriers traditionally apply a healthy discount to phones if you sign up to a contract. It’s likely that the deal between AT&T and Amazon means that the former is covering the majority of the cost, with Amazon applying a small discount.

Rival carriers are likely to be furious and may start offering insane prices of their own, which could see thousands walking around with their brand spanking new one cent phones.

At the time of writing the HTC Surround was still in stock, while the LG Quantum was already backordered.

The deal is also only available for this weekend, but at that price they may be out of stock long before the weekend is over.

Let’s hope they’re not as faulty as Dell”s Venue Pro.

*EyeSee Apologies. Cheap or free deals are indeed common in the UK.