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Microsoft posts warning on IE Chinese hack bug

A bug that Chinese hackers appear to have used to attack dozens of US sites including Google and Adobe seems to not have been known to Microsoft.

Last night it posted an advisory bulletin for the vulnerability in Internet Explorer – that appears to affect every version of IE except version 5.

Microsoft said: “The vulnerability exists as an invalid pointer reference within Internet Explorer. It is possible under certain conditions for this invalid pointer to be accessed after an object is deleted.”

Microsoft added it was aware of limited attacks attempting to use the vulnerability and is monitoring the level of threat it poses.

Microsoft may include a security update to patch the bug in the future. You can read what its advice is, here.

Ballmer to China: Censor Bing anytime!

Delightfully understated Microsoft CEO Steve “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” Ballmer has shown that his hand is well and truly on the pulse of international sentiment by declaring that his outfit would love to continue trading with China.

While rivals Google are considering pulling out of China so that they can mention the Dalai Lama as being a good bloke without being fined, Ballmer has said to China that it is free to censor his Bing anytime.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEOBallmer said his company intends to stay in business inside of China and obey the laws of that country even if it does mean turning over the names, addresses and emails of people that China does not think are very nice.  If this results in such people being executed in mobile execution trucks and their organs harvested at least they will never be using a rival search or browser.

After having a quiet lunch with  President Obama on ways the government can use technology to cut costs, Ballmer mimed that he had been quite clear that we are going to operate in China, and he was going to abide by the law.

Perhaps it is for this reason that Microsoft has not had its email system breached by Chinese hackers recently.

Ballmer hops in bed with HP

The rather understated Microsoft CEO Steve “Marcel Marceau” Ballmer appears to be running short of ideas for his cloud product.

Microsoft has been seen wining and dining the maker of printer ink, which is more expensive than blood.

Sauces say that the pair have been working out a winning strategy to make money out of cloud based computing when no one really knows what it is or really cares.

The press release which came out of the meeting talks a lot about something called an “extended partnership”, which is handy because Steve  could do with extensions.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEOHowever it appears that the Mighty Microsoft Machine needs HP to provide stack integration and a check of $250 million over the next three years.

The press release says Ballmer’s vision will eliminate complexities of IT management, automate existing manual processes, lower costs and bring about peace in our lunchtime.

Next up HP and Microsoft will design an engineering roadmap to build data management machines.  The Roadmap will point the way to  “converged, pre-packaged application solutions”, “comprehensive virtualization offerings”, integrated management tools and any Happy Eaters on the way.