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Winamp and Shoutcast saved

There are some hopes that Winamp and Shoutcast, the legacy digital music services that owner AOL  planned to shutter might be sold instead.

Microsoft has been ruled out of the running as a potential buyer, but it seems that the outfits are being acquired by Radionomy. Radionomy is an international aggregator of online radio stations with its HQ in Brussels.

This is gossip of course, but the Radionomy connection was first noticed by Bryon Stout on the Winamp forum   and Carsten Knobloch, who saw that Winamp’s nameservers, but not Shoutcast’s, had been transferred to Radionomy.

It is expected that the deal is for both properties and should be finalised by Friday although it is not clear when it will be announced.

Radionomy has some 6,000 stations, with an emphasis on a do-it-yourself platform that anyone can use to create a channel. Shoutcast’s 50,000-strong catalogue of radio stations will be a major boost. Winamp’s media playing software could be used to help program those radio stations and offer additional services.

Rumourmongers have also pointed out that one of Radionomy’s strategic investors is MusicMatic, which develops audio and video for stores and other venues which might mean that the two products might get more commercial use.

Print Computer Weekly dies

It’s the end of an era. Two of the IT industry’s most well known printed trade magazines have met their maker.

Computer Weekly and MicroScope have been sold on from Reed to TechTarget, which has said it has no interest in keeping the print editions alive – but the websites will remain. It’s no surprise – Computer Weekly has been up for sale for a year now.

The famous Computer Weekly has been doing the rounds since1966 and was a sleeping aid, bog roll, source of information for UK managers, directors and CIOs.

A former bigwig at Computer Weekly told TechEye: “I think the closure of the paper edition is a great contribution to the green movement. If you listen carefully you can hear the trees breathing a sigh of relief.

“I remember when my free copies of CW used to land with a thud on my doormat – now it just drifts down like an autumn leaf”.

TechTarget operates technology websites on data storage, security and that sort of thing. It lost $1.2 million on $95 million last year.

The buyouts are expected to end in April, but no sums for the buyout have been disclosed.

Another former employee at Computer Weekly tells TechEye: “I can’t imagine that Computer Weekly, the mag, has been making any money for a while, given the cost of print and posting it out to 50K+ ‘readers’ a week.

“My estimate is that it was making about £150K a month in ads. That would barely cover the cost of printing and posting.”