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Smart ID cards show flat growth

French revolutionary playing cardsGovernment investment in ID cards has been slow over the last two years and showed a somewhat flat growth of 2.4 percent in 2014.

According to ABI Research, only 10 million units shipped worldwide, with several governments canning the projects they’d projected.

Russia and Japan put their smart national ID card projects on ice while France decided to can smart driver licences and after being challenged by human rights activists, also decided not to issue a smart national ID card. Brazil also put a similar programme on hold.

ABI senior analyst Phil Sealy said the market for government smart ID cards will rely on renewals with flat growth expected this year and next.

Sealy said that from a vendor perspective, forecasting revenues is getting to be more difficult.

“Politics plays a major role in the overall success or failure of any project, further exacerbated by the majority of projects which are non-mandated and specific to one country which can ultimately be delayed or even cancelled at any given time.”

Sealy said that vendors need to be patient.