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US people now spend more cash on peripherals than PCs

People in the US are spending more dough than ever on PC accessories, peripherals and software than PCs according to the latest annual Beyond-the-Box survey by International Data Corporation (IDC). 

For every single buck spent on a PC in 2009, buyers are spending $1.05 at the very least on accessories and peripherals. In 2008 accessory spending was just $0.87 per dollar. Spending has been largely focused on security and anti-spam software, but there’s been a continued line on hardware enhancements like graphics cards, memory and storage.

As well as real people, small businesses with less than 100 employees in the States are spending a ton on cash on peripherals and software. The total was $2.7 billion, which makes up almost a quarter (24 percent) of the average computer shopping budget.

The report shows that PC users have been moving towards services based on the web, with cloud-based activities on the rise, while productivity-based activities are apparently not so important to the average consumer now. IDC reckons that, while a lot of companies are rolling with the trend, manufacturers, vendors and distributors “must do a better job” of understanding segmentation and user behaviour to maintain and increase competitive positions.