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LG Display accidently leaks Apple’s High Res plans

poison-appleThere has been a high-profile leak from one of Apple’s largest suppliers after LG Display mentioned in a press release about Apple buying up its high-resolution 8K display panels.

LG managed slipped into the press release: “Apple has also announced that they will release the ‘iMac 8K’ with a super-high resolution display later this year.”

Jobs’ Mob hasn’t announced anything regarding an 8K display and in any event Apple never talks about unannounced products. It will also be jolly cross that a supplier leaked the information rather than it be presented to loving fans at one of its Nuremberg rally style press conferences.

Apple Insider found the press release but it was actually issued on March 31. This has lead some to believe it that it was an April fool’s gag. However it was not funny and was part of a press release which was jolly serious.

To put this in some perspective Apple’s 5K iMac was announced back in October to cheers and comments about it being ground breaking. The appearance of an 8K iMac this soon would be highly unusual because that would mean two in the same year.

LG’s 8K display technology is dubbed “Quad Ultra-High Definition,” with a resolution of 7,680 by 4,320 pixels. That’s two times the resolution of a 4K screen, with four times the number of pixels.  Even without Apple, the announcement is significant.

Boffins come up with rumour filter

A group of Korean researchers has developed technology to filter rumours from postings on social notworking sites.

The researchers, who work at the Graduate School of Culture Technology at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) – sheesh! –  looked at 100 cases of rumours and true stories spread on Twitter in the US between 2006 and 2009.

By looking at the numbers and using sociology and psychology theories, the scientists worked out what a rumour looked like.

Cha Mee-young, an assistant professor at KAIST who led the team, said it was difficult to classify rumours at the very early stage of their dissemination. After some time has passed what is a rumour and what is truth becomes clearer.

Apparently, you have to look at the characteristics of rumours ― how long they spread for, who disseminates them and which words are frequently used. After a while, the team could correctly identify 90 percent of unfounded claims as rumours.

One of the big ones that kept appearing as a rumour were allegations that US President Barack Obama was a Muslim, the “antichrist” and illegally obtained his American citizenship.

Rumours spread over a long period while truth can be widely spread in a short time, and is rarely mentioned again. Rumours are also circulated randomly by people who do not know each other while the spread of ordinary information can be tracked along the networks of online acquaintances.

Words associated with assumption and doubt are frequently seen in rumours. They include, “not sure,” “no idea if it works,” and “heard”,

The research was jointly conducted by Jung Kyo-min, a professor at Seoul National University, and Microsoft Research Asia in China. 

Baidu contracts Foxconn for cheap smartphone

Baidu and Foxconn are reportedly embarking in cosy discussions about building a low priced smartphone, which will run the Chinese web company’s mobile operating system.

According to the rumour mill, the phone will cost around $159 (1,000 RMB) and include
a 3.5-inch touchscreen, 1400mAH battery and high-resolution camera.

As well as running Baidu’s “Yi” OS, there will also be software such as Baidu’s cloud storage service, Baidu Music and Baidu Maps.

This isn’t the first mobile phone move by Baidu. Late last year the Chinese giant went into partnership with Dell. However, their mobile offspring – the Dell Streak Pro D43 – is said to be targeted at business users and has higher specs and a $474 (2,999 RMB) smartphone price tag than the rumoured Foxconn phone.  

In previous reports, Baidu CEO Robin Li said the company had earmarked mobile as an important growth channel.

And Foxconn is of course no stranger to the handset market having produced the Android-powered Journey A890 budget handset for the Indonesian manufacturer Nexian as well as making gadgets for Apple, HP and Best Buy.

Baidu is expected to report its first quarter results next Tuesday and according to Forbes the outlook is positive. It is predicted that the company will announce a profit of around 84 cents a share, which Forbes says is a rise from 47 cents per share last year.

The company’s revenue is thought to rise by 82.1 percent to $677.5 million for the quarter from last year’s $372 million. For the year, analysts forecast a revenue of $3.57 billion.

RIM shares rise on takeover rumours

Blackberry maker RIM, which has had to make job cuts as it faces poor results, has seen its shares rise on the back of rumours that someone is set to buy the outfit.

RIM shares have fallen to half their 2010 value this year and lost 27 percent after it revealed dismal quarterly results and lowered its full-year outlook last week.

But according to Reuters, the outfit saw its share price suddenly rise as news that the outfit was cutting jobs circulated – along with a rumour that someone was interested in buying it.

The company began handing out pink slips to an unspecified number of its 17,500 workers globally. Local hacks have found that more than 200 had met their Waterloo, in Waterloo.

Analysts said that the job cuts showed that the outfit was planning to reduce costs faster than expected.

With shares in the company as cheap as chips at the moment, there are rumours that the company might be bought out.

The company’s management has been aggressive about buying back RIM’s own stock, and while company is worth less than it was at the beginning of the year, it still has a market cap of nearly $14 billion.

It is not clear who would be a potential buyer either. It would be tricky for any company to come up with the readies. Microsoft would once have been a good candidate to buy RIM, but it has just spent all its cash buying up a deal with Nokia. Besides, $14 billion is a bit steep. 

AMD readies three Radeon HD 6000 series cards this month

AMD has been a busy bee of late. There are murmurings that the company will be launching three new graphics cards under the Radeon HD 6000 banner this month.

According to DigiTimes, the company will be launching its 6670, 6570 and 6450 cards on April 19.

All three will be aimed at the entry-level and mid-range markets. Although these have already hit the OEM markets in DDR3 memory versions, sources have told the mag that the three new graphics cards will now use GDDR5 memory instead.

AMD recently launched the Radeon HD 6790 graphics card, which supposedly has a better price point than rival Nvidia‘s GTX 550 Ti.

Because of this success the sources believe that AMD will go on to follow lower price points to further carve space for itself.

Last week we heard about the Radeon HD 6450 GPU, which it said it would sell for $55. It is thought that the cheap price tag is being used to compete with Intel’s HD Graphics 3000 core available on the Sandy Bridge Core i5 and i7 processors.

No rest for the wicked – there is also word that AMD is already preparing for the launch of its next generation Radeon HD 7000 series GPUs. 

Does Google want to have another pop at social notworking?

Does Google want to have another go at social notworking? If rumours over the weekend are to be believed then the answer could be yes. According to rumour-prone Digg co-founder, Kevin Rose, Google could be launching a social networking site called Google Me.

He wrote on his Twitter page:  “Ok, umm, huge rumour: Google to launch a Facebook competitor very soon “Google Me” very credible source.”

We contacted both Google and Facebook. Neither wanted to comment, with a Google representative telling us: “There are always so many Google rumours going around so we have a corporate policy not to comment on them. Sorry”

However, according to Fastcompany: “Kevin Rose is almost as well known for his breaking of rumours as he is for founding and running Digg–his predictions, especially as regards Apple products, have often been unnervingly on the mark.”

For a while now Google has had its fingers in many social networking pies and is always working on new projects, most recently Buzz. It owns Orkut which has a huge market share of the social notworking crowd in South America.

Could Google be looking to expand on Orkut and either relaunch, or create a new service specifically tailored to the North American and European markets?

ARM shares skyrocket after fresh Apple buyout rumours

Apple may buy semiconductor firm ARM, according to recent rumours, sending ARM’s shares skyrocketing.

ARM already has a close relationship with Apple, producing the semiconductors for the iPhone, but speculation has been growing that Apple may want a bigger bite.

TechEye spoke to ARM’s president, Tudor Brown, last week at Computex and he denied the rumours, saying that it was difficult to imagine because ARM is an IP company and has over 600 other partners.

That’s not stopping the stock market, however. As of 12:40pm GMT, ARM’s shares were up by 32 pence, to 306 pence. That’s an increase of 11.68 percent. Just before 11:00am GMT, ARM’s shares had spiked to a whopping 362 pence, an increase of 88 pence or nearly 25 percent. It has since slumped to its current value, but that’s still a sizeable increase over previous days and weeks.

The rumours first surfaced back in April, but ARM has been forging ahead with a number of new projects, including a new company. While Brown has denied the takeover speculation, however, it’s clear that the stockholders realise that it’s not the first time someone has denied something, only for it to happen after all.