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iPhone is most recycled phone

Ah, nostalgia. There’s so much less of it about than there used to be. But according to Orange, the next generation is taking up the torch, with a staggering 23 percent of British 18- to 24-year-olds hanging onto their old mobile phones for sentimental reasons.

Indeed, according to the Orange survey, Brits are hoarding £2.7 billion worth of old mobile phones between them. Four in ten people have never recycled an old phone, and a third don’t have a clue how.

“I’m surprised that so many people have never recycled a mobile phone or even considered that they could get cash back for them,” says Dan Thomas, head of Orange’s new Recycle & Reward scheme.

“Recycling old handsets is good for the environment and good for consumers’ pockets  –  and we’ll reward any customer from any network that wants to recycle their mobile with cash.”

Apparently, most people have a rather better quality of electrojunk than yours truly, with the average payout being £45.

And interestingly, while surveys generally show iPhones as being the most desirable phones, Orange reckons they’re also the ones people are keenest to get rid of. The most recycled handset is apparently the iPhone 3GS 16GB, followed by the 8GB version.

Anyone tossing out an iPhone 4 – perhaps because it isn’t diamond-studded – can expect to net a cool £148.

We thought we might have found a useful source of extra revenue here at Techeye – the blackmail’s not been quite so lucrative of late. Unfortunately, Orange says it checks every handset against a crime protection database.