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Rambus to sell its own chips

Rambus HQRambus, which develops chip technology that it then licenses to others to manufacture, is to start selling chips under its own name.

The memory chips are aimed at enterprises and will be called the RB26. It’s already started sampling the chips to customers. Rambus said in a statement that the RB26 is a memory module chipset for data intensive applications including real time analytics.

Rambus has a long record of legal action against other chip manufacturers for allegedly breaching its intellectual property designs.

Nvidia, Micron, Hynix and others have all experienced the joy of being sued by Rambus and for some time its entire business model appeared to come from royalties it had won through the courts.

It started in 1990 as a company that designed chips which it then licensed, a little like successful British company ARM. The difference between the two is that ARM doesn’t have a taste for litigation.

It’s not clear which foundry will manufacture the Rambus chips, but they’re expected to be available later this year.

Rambus will show off its server memory chipset at this week’s Intel Developer Forum.