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Security conference wracked with sexual assault allegation

A Polish IT conference has been wracked with controversy after a female guest speaker levelled an allegation of attempted rape against another guest speaker.

Georgia Weidman initially wasn’t going to name and shame the person she claimed tried to rape her, but after he threatened to sue her she outted him as Fernando Gont.

Weidman is famous for her work on smartphone hacking while Gont is an Argentine IP6 expert. They were both down to talk at the Confidence conference in Poland two weeks ago.

Weidman describes the incident in her blog, here. If it panned out as she said it did, then Gont was stopped from carrying through the assault by being decked with a coffee mug.

She managed to get to the phone to call the front desk for help and he left and went to bed. The police showed up and pointed out that both sides had been drinking and Weidman could not prove it. Gont denied anything happened.

However, Gont allegedly lifted some of her gear when he left the room, including her passport, wallet, iPad, one of her test phones, one shoe, and her Tag Heuer Carrera watch, it is claimed.

When questioned by hotel security he said that he had nothing of hers – before finding her iPad and passport. The phone was later found in the hallway of his floor of the hotel. The rest of Weidman’s things were recovered the next evening from his room by conference staff.

Despite a stressful night, and nursing a black eye, Weidman gave her talk barefoot – because of her missing shoe.

After her blog post she said that her “duty was done” and she did not want to be the representative for infosec feminism.

Gont, on the other hand, has written a blog in reply  where he seems to call Weidman, who is not named, mentally ill – and implies her rape allegation was just a quest for attention.

While he does not give his side of the story, he says: “For reasons that I didn’t and don’t understand, [Weidman] has been repeating blatant lies, every time magnifying it a bit more – which nobody in their right mind could believe”.

Gont said he will certainly start legal actions against anyone who has made accusations that they cannot back. “I personally encourage anyone that has any concrete accusation to make, that they do so with the corresponding legal procedures,” he wrote. 

E-business customers' worst nightmare jailed

An e-retailer who dealt with customer complaints by threatening to kill or rape them has been jailed for four years.

Vitaly Borker, 35, sold specs online but had a nasty habit of pushing up his Google page ranking by getting bad reviews.

According to AP, he did this by having a business model that involved deliberately harassing and abusing and generally scaring the life out of customers in what US District Judge Richard Sullivan called a terror campaign.

Borker ran DecorMyEyes.com and discovered that negative online reviews and comments pushed up the site’s page ranking on Google. He was so proud of his bad service that he bragged about it in a 2010 article by the New York Times.

The judge noted that Borker was terrifying people, putting them in fear of their lives, and of being viciously raped.

Borker pleaded guilty last year to making threats and fraud charges. Prosecutors said more than 200 complaints against Borker had been filed with the Federal Trade Commission over the operation of his website, DecorMyEyes.com, between 2007 and 2010.

Borker said that he was “genuinely and deeply sorry for the awful threats that I made”. He said he never intended on carrying out the threats.

He just said that he had a big mouth he couldn’t control, and it ruined his life.

One Chicago resident told the court that Borker harassed her for a month and a half after she tried to take advantage of the website’s money-back guarantee.

He left her a voicemail message, saying: “I hope you die. I want to slice your legs off.”

Another Louisiana resident told the court that Borker threatened to kill her and her family and to stalk her relentlessly unless she stopped trying to get her money back.

Borker’s lawyer, Dominic Amorosa, pointed out that most of Borker’s customers were satisfied, with $18 million in revenue recorded from the sales of 100,000 glasses over several years. Only $2.9 million was refunded.

US Attorney Preet Bharara called Borker “an internet shopper’s worst nightmare.”

Julian Assange to be extradited to Sweden

Julian Assange may be denying allegations of rape and sexual assault but his defence hasn’t convinced Belmarsh magistrates court who have ordered that he be extradited to Sweden.

The WikiLeaks founder’s legal bods have said that they will appeal the decision, but if this fails Mr Assange could be packed off to Sweden in 10 days.

The hearing saw chief magistrate Howard Riddle dismiss each of the defence’s arguments against Assange’s extradition. A bid by Swedish prosecutor, Marianne Ny, who claimed she had the power to issue a European arrest warrant, was also ruled to be legit and valid by the judge, despite Assange’s team claiming otherwise.

They also tried to argue that allegations against Assange were not offences in English law and not extraditable. However, these again were knocked back by the judge, who went one further and reprimanded Assange’s lawyer for making a deliberate attempt to mislead the court.

He also had a few choice words for Assange claiming that he had attempted to avoid the Swedish justice system before he left the country.

The 39-year-old Australian is accused of sexually assaulting one woman and raping another during a week-long visit to Stockholm in August. However, he’s been trying to stay in Britain claiming appearing in a Swedish court will breach his human rights.

Assange has been fighting extradition since he was arrested and bailed in December. He has consistently denied the allegations, made by two women in August last year.

Wikileaks smear campaign starts

Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange seems to be at the centre of a smear campaign with allegations of rape and molestation appearing in the Swedish press.

A mysterious allegation of rape was levelled at him and Swedish prosecutors issued and then later withdrew, an arrest warrant against him for rape.

Prosecutors initially said he was wanted for questioning about accusations of rape and molestation following reports in the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

The complaints were brought by two women in Sweden, where the Australian-born internet activist has been staying for the past week.

Hours after the arrest warrant was announced, red faced prosecutors said that the the warrant had been withdrawn and the rape suspicion was unfounded.

Assange described the accusations as an attempt to smear him over his whistleblowing work. WikiLeaks is soon going to publish 15,000 more documents about the Afghan war which will show the US government up as genocidal maniacs.

Assange said on Twitter, that the rape allegations were “deeply disturbing”. He added that at no point had he been contacted by the local plod.

Two Swedish newspapers said the allegations of rape were made by two women who worked with Wikileaks in Sweden. Prosecutors said they were still looking into the accusation of molestation. But other sources in the Swedish media said the women did not report the case to the police, so quite what is really going on is anyone’s guess.

Certainly it is in the US government’s interest to make Assange appear like a molester of women as they believe it would turn some of the heat off the information that is about to be released. We are surprised that he was not accused of paedophilia as that is the most reliable method of discrediting anyone in the 21st century.