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Cameron's Coalition is in bed with Google

We’ve revealed the US Federal Government’s extensive ties with the snooping mega corporation Google. Could it just be that Eric Schmidt and his cohorts have their hands deep in the pockets of the UK government too? Why yes, it could!

PC Pro got a fantastic scoop on the Information Commissioner’s Office and its crap investigations into Google’s wi-fi snooping fiasco. We’ve all been thinking it for a long time, but our tinfoil hats are welded around the plates in our heads – PC Pro got the proof. The “watchdog” was not watching out for anything other than Google and itself.

The ICO’s group manager for business and industry Dave Evans, says PC Pro, sent an email to a Google employee – name redacted – with the subject line: “Guess what this might be about.” He asked the employee for a “quick chat about the wi-fi business” – all formalities spared and straight down to business.

“We are having an internal meeting next week about our next steps and obviously in light of Rob Halfon MP’s continued misrepresentation of the issue, the quicker we get something done the better.”

It has been suggested that the ICO sent over a bungling pair of Chuckle Brothers who had no idea about data protection and were untrained in the required legal areas to investigate at Google’s fancy Victoria HQ.  Could this be some kind of coincidence?

Anyway – Google had a slap on the wrist. And anyway, it was a “mistake,” it was a rogue employee.

Never mind that Google, the company which is “not evil,” has ties deep in the UK government. Look to the East London Tech City where Google is advising Cameron directly, along with others which have been in the papers for all the wrong reasons such as Barclays and Vodafone. Anti-competitive Intel also advises.

In fact, Google has many friends in the Coalition while Microsoft has, er, none. The departure of government Chief Information Officer Jerry Fishenden left a Microsoft with no teeth and Google with plenty. Fishenden, a very reliable ex-government source tells us, was Microsoft’s very last bastion of hope for those all important contracts. 

Google and Microsoft are constantly fighting over who gets to sit on who’s cloud. In the United States the General Services Administration (GSA) plumped for Google over Microsoft on a huge cloud computing deal. That wouldn’t have anything to do with lobbying, would it? 

Our reliable source pointed TechEye toward the Tories’ “Reversing the rise of the Surveillance State” paper. It was done at Microsoft and supposedly a signal that the Conservatives weren’t dependent on Google – but we are assured this was a smokescreen. 

And who is David Cameron’s director of strategy Steve Hilton married to? Why, it’s former Tory aide to Michael Howard, Rachel Whetstone – now head of public policy and communications at… Google!

Not to be one sided – guess where Labour’s former “special adviser” to Downing Street, Sarah Hunter works now? She’s UK head of public policy at, yes, Google.