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Nvidia gets under the bonnet of Volvo

volvo-adNvidia says that it has teamed up with the Swedish inventor of seat belts to place its chips under the bonnet of its cars.

Nvidia unveiled a new, lunchbox-size super-computer for self-driving cars and said Volvo Car Group will be the new device’s first customer.

CEO Jen-Hsung Huang said that his new Drive PX 2 has computing power equivalent to 150 PCs and can deliver up to 24 trillion “deep learning” operations – allowing the computer to use artificial intelligence to program itself to recognise driving situations – per second.

Partnerships between automakers and Silicon Valley companies on self-driving technologies are taking centre stage at this year’s show.

General Motors has announced a $500 million investment in ride-sharing service outfit Lyft.
Huang didn’t say how much his company is going to profit on the Drive PX 2, but automotive is the fastest-growing business segment for Nvidia. Its bread and butter is still video game GPUs.