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Google X worked older staff member to collapse

Google X worked an older staff member so hard he finally collapsed and it laid him off.

According to Business Insider the employee was assigned to fieldwork for Project Wing, which is X’s program to create delivery drones for transporting consumer goods and emergency medicine.

While out in private ranch lands in the Central Valley in California one day, the employee succumbed to either a heart attack or a grand mal seizure because of the hot temperatures in the Central Valley, coupled with a gruelling work schedule of 10-12 hours a day and stress may have brought it on.

The Project Wing drone tester, who returned to work after two months’ leave, found himself demoted and sent back into a field gig before eventually being pushed out of the company.

According to Business Insider, some members of the Project Wing field team painted an alarming picture of hostile work conditions driven by engineers and managers back at headquarters who scheduled the group to conduct loads of tests, thereby producing loads of data, despite the long hours outdoors that such a schedule required.

To make matters worse all their demanding work and data was being ignored because their backgrounds in the military were allegedly viewed disdainfully by Google X.

AMD starts hiring

Despite breaking its decades long policy of not sacking staff, AMD is still desperately looking to hire shedloads of expert engineers.

AMD’s Rory P. Read will announce his Project WIN strategy at Financial Analyst Day in February 2012, but according to VR-Zone  he is already carrying out some serious head hunting.

What has become clear from the recent restructuring is that several former “directors of engineering”have floated up the AMD greasy pole and have been promoted to VP, CVP and C-level executives.

AMD’s LinkedIn page is now filled with job posts and there is active recruiting taking place behind the scenes. All the adverts are looking for several talented engineers at the same time and headhunting has also been carried out on Twitter.

Most of the jobs are going in Austin, Sunnyvale, Boxborough and Fort Collins and the teams’ job descriptions suggest that AMD is planning some interesting projects. Some involve developing x86 and GPU software codec redesigns, systems on a chip engineers for servers, and a team to sort out AMD’s future server, notebook, tablet and desktop platforms. There seem to be moves to develop a global finance team too.