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Tessera sues Sony and Renesas

Sony and Renesas have received summons from Tessera Technologies’ learned fiends, alleging that they breached a patent it owns.

Tessera specialises in minituarisation tech for electronic devices on chip, 3D and wafer level packaging.

The patent in question is 6,885,106 – a different patent to the one under discussion by the US International Trade Commission (ITC). Tessera CEO Henry Nothhaft said that licence agreements it had with Sony and Renesas have expired, but the companies continue make products using the tech.

It’s not the only legal case Tessera is connected with. Yesterday it sued UTAC, a Taiwanese company  for breach of contract.

And there is another case waiting for appeal, while Tessera is also pursuing ATI (now AMD), Freescale, and ST Microelectronics.

Then there’s a case over DRAM against Acer, Centon, Elpida, Nanya, Powerchip, ProMOS, Ramaxel, Smart Modular Technologies and TwinMOS.

Then there’s a case against Hynix, which is waiting for a trial date.  Then there’s several patent re-examinations in train too.

Does all this sound a little like Rambus?