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IBM to buy into vision

IBM logoIBM said it is going to buy Marge Healthcare in a bid to merge its own Watson analytics with data and images from the medical company’s image management platform.

IBM is paying $1 billion for Merge, which sells its platform to over 7,500 healthcare sites in the USA.

IBM believes these organisations could plug the Watson Health Cloud into these organisations.

It’s the third health company IBM has bought this year after it launched Watson Health unit and buying Phytel and Explorys.

Big Blue is ambitious about merging rich image analytics with megical images accounting for as much as 90 percent of all medical data.

IBM buys two companies, deals with Apple

IBM logoBig Blue bought two technology healthcare firms as it re-engineers itself to take advantage of the cloud.

It bought Phytel, a company that develops and sells cloud based services for healthcare providers.

And yesterday it also bought Explorys, a so-called “healthcare intelligence cloud company” with a set of 50 million peoples’ clinical data set.

And in another announcement, it said it was expanding its partnership with Apple – again in the cloud arena.

IBM has a Watson Health business unit, and will support APple with its ResearchKit and HealthKit frameworks. The goal is to give medical researchers a secure open data storage and also use IBM’s data analytics products.

As part of that Apple collaboration, IBM will let researchers access and share their data in the cloud. The company said it will build a suite of enterprise apps called HealthKit. The iOS based apps are intended for enterprises.

While IBM’s re-engineering and acquisition strategy isn’t receiving much notice from the press, behind the scenes it appears to be positioning itself for what it hopes is a ladership role in the cloud and in data analytics in every sector.