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Intel follows up on low power micro-server Pentium

Chipzilla has released a few more details of its ultra-low power microprocessor for micro-servers.

CPU World reports on the range of low powered chips announced in March 2011, when Intel told the world that they would be appearing in the second half of the year.

Basically, it was talking about a ULV CPU with 15 Watt Thermal Design Power, based on Sandy Bridge microarchitecture.

Intel started providing more details at the Intel Development forum in San Francisco when it mentioned the brand as the Pentium 350, and talked about a launch date in October 2011.

The Pentium 350 CPU has been added to Intel’s product database, reports CPU World, and Intel is providing a spec.

Although it’s listed as a “Pentium”, says CPU World, it looks more like a  Xeon E3-1220L in drag. A bit closer to the Core i3. It has 2 cores, 3 MB L3 cache, and it works with ECC memory. It does not have an on-chip graphics unit but supports Hyper-Threading.

But the new Pentium can’t read AES and AVX instructions to save its life and Turbo Boost and Trusted Execution technologies are something that other chips have.

The new microprocessor is clocked at 1.2 GHz which is a lot lower than the 2.2 GHz frequency of the E3-1220L.

Intel says this Pentium won’t be available as a desktop CPU, and will only be shipped in micro-servers.