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Standards bodies link to provide common connect protocol

The PCI-SIG has formed a relationship with the MIPI Alliance to create a protocol that will span servers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and intelligent systems.

The two standards  bodies have their own protocols – PCIe and MIPI M-PHY with members of both bodies getting initial specs at the end of this year, and foma; specs during 2013.

Al Yanes, president and chairman of PCI-SIG, said that companies must be members of both MIPI and his organisation to benefit from the universal spec.  The marriage of the protocols is made easier because both organisations have agreed building blocks and simply need to merge one element to create the interoperability.

The joint spec will be given a formal name later to the release date. An early application is likely to be high performance wireless LAN (WiGig) and will also be used in storage applications of different types. The technology will be integrated into PCIe base specification 4.0.

PCIe 4.0 is ikely to be available by late 2015 and will probably be the last copper implementation due to physical constraints.  It is likely that optical technology will supersede it in the future. PCI-SIG currently has over 800 members.