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Tablets fall while notebooks falter

Dell TabletA market research company said that vendors fond hopes of the notebook recovering are likely to be dashed.

Trendforce said notebook shipments will fall “significantly” this year. Vendors still have warehouses full of notebook which they haven’t been able to shift.

Trendforce estimates that the total notebook shipments in 2015 will amount to about 164.4 million units.

That’s a fall of 6.4 percent year on year.

But Trendforce analyst Anita Wang said 2016 is likely to be better. “This year has been extraordinarily tough for the notebook market. However shipments will recover in 2016, when more branded vendors will be entering the market, including Xiaomi and Huawei.”

But it’s a glimmer of hope only, because Wang said total notebook shipments will only be up by one point compared to this year.

Tablet shipments are in an even more parlous state, she said. Demand “has become soft” and there are no new features while smartphones are increasingly replacing tablets.

Trendforce estimates that 16.4 million units, a decline of 14.9 percent compared to last year.

There appear to be no glimmers of light at the end of the tablet tunnel, she said. She thinks next year will show a continued decline in tablet shipments.

Huawei to get into the notebook business

William Xu, HuaweiWhile some vendors are getting out of the declining PC notebook business, it appears that Chinese giant Huawei will introduce notebooks next year.

Huawei is already in the X86 server business and this year launched smartphones, which according to analysts, sold really quite well.

Digitimes reports that Huawei will use a Chinese original design manufacturer called BYD, and that company will make so called 2-in-1 Windows 10 notebooks. Xiaomi, a smartphone competitor is using Taiwanese ODM Inventec to make notebooks for it.

Huawei already has a pretty developed channel worldwide, and the move is likely to dent business by Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer and Asustek.

The move could also lead to lower prices for PC notebooks, as the market develops.