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Notion Ink's Adam tablet plagued pre-launch

Bangalore-based Notion Ink’s Adam tablet PC drummed up quite some hype. But what had set out to be an Apple iPad killer is now at risk of not even meeting global safety standards.

The product received great hype after its demonstration at CES 2011 where some analysts positioned it as a great tablet PC, considering its low price and features.

Amidst the hype, the news flashed last month on the accidental damage of product shipments which halted the FCC certification, leading to the delay of pre-orders.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) was also involved in carrying out some tests of the product.

It now appears that the Chinese ODM (original design manufacturer) did not test for the right standards. UL had brought the issue to Notion Ink’s notice. But the manufacturer blamed it on UL saying the delays happened because of UL India.

Earlier, Notion Ink also said from its bog: “We saw FCC publishing their break down of Adam, and to be frank even we were little surprised by how they tore apart the pieces and then made it look like that’s how it is assembled.

“It is extremely unfortunate that we are in such a situation. We could not have expected the accidental damage of the touch screen shipment, and those too just days before Chinese New Year eve. Even though the damage was to a part of the shipment, we cancelled all because in such a case you cannot predict the defective and working screens manually.”

UL India had reportedly said some part of the tests were done out of their London labs.

Adam is loaded with stuff like Bluetooth, GSM, Swivel camera, Back touch pad, Wi-Fi and 3G. Its impressive feature set is backed up by a dual core tegra 2 processor, HDMI capability and Flash support. It runs on Android with its own UI – Eden.

But can Adam really take a bite out of Apple with all the muck-ups pre-launch?