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Heartless Apple refuses to unlock dead boy’s phone

Leonardo Fabbretti (R) with his adopted son Dama Fabbretti.

Leonardo Fabbretti (R) with his adopted son Dama Fabbretti.

The fruity cargo cult Apple’s obession with protecting terrorists phone is having a knock on effect on ordinary people.

Apple arranged a publicity stunt to prove that its phones were “super secure” by refusing to help the FBI unlock the phone of a terrorist.

Unfortunately for Apple the cunning plan went pear shaped when the FBI worked out how to crack the phone using one of Jobs’ Mob’s security flaws.

However Apple’s blanket refusal to unlock phones has impacted the case of an Italian whose iPhone owning son died.

Leonardo Fabbretti’s adopted son Dama died at age 13 of bone cancer in September. Apple is refusing to unlock the phone and allow him to have access to photos of his dead son,

Fabbretti has written a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook pleading to unlock Dama’s phone.

“Don’t deny me the memories of my son. I cannot give up. Having lost my Dama, I will fight to have the last two months of photos, thoughts and words which are held hostage in his phone.”

Fabbretti, who lives in Italy, first contacted Apple back in autum when his son died. Local Apple staff attempted to get the photographs off of iCloud, but Dama had not backed up the device. so the company said there is no way to retrieve them without the passcode. Giving out passcodes was too similar to the FBI case for them to let that happen.

Fabbretti wrote in his letter. “Although I share your philosophy in general, I think Apple should offer solutions for exceptional cases like mine.”