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BBC micro delayed

BBC MicroThe BBC has admitted that the Micro:bit which it was going to give to a one million kids is going to be late.

The Micro:bit was announced in March as a “get kids coding” initiative. Delivery was anticipated to occur in September, so that every 11 or 12 year-old in the UK could be given the computer.

Yesterday, the Beeb admitted that things are off the rails and that delivery can be expected “after Christmas”.

Apparently the problem is the gear’s power supply.

“We’re expecting to start sending them out to teachers before Christmas and to children early in the new year,” said a BBC spokesman

“As a result of our rigorous testing process, we’ve decided to make some minor revisions to the device – getting it right for children and teachers before we manufacture one million units is our priority.”

The Micro:bit is a revival of the BBC’s efforts in the 1980s when it created the BBC Micro and promoted it, and the idea of programming, through radio and television programmes. It worked too and is considered a starter for many kids of that generation.

The thought is that if the power supply does not zap them, kids will be encouraged to save the UK economy by coding.

BBC director general Tony Hall hopes the Micro Bit will “equip a new generation with the digital skills they need to find jobs and help grow the UK economy”.