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Microphone is one sixth the size of a bed bug

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 14.40.19Engineers at ABI Research have torn apart a high end smartphone and discovered that one of its components, a MEM microphone made by Cirrus Logic is the smallest made yet.

The Cirrus MEM microphone is 30 percent smaller than other devices and includes an amplifier/interface integrated circuit as well as the MEM sensor.

Jim Mielke, VP of engineering at ABI, said: “Rather than simply shrinking the typical MEM microphone, Cirrus Logic’s WM1706 MEM microphone is the first to integrate an amplifier/interface IC and the MEM sensor.”

ABI did not say which phone the engineers took apart to examine the device but as a hint includes a Qualcomm MSM8949 chipset, a Skyworks power amplifier, Qorvo RF switches and a Broadcom NFC component.