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Ballmer realised he was the Microsoft problem

An interview with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has revealed the thinking that led him to decide to go.

In an exclusive interview with the Wall Street Journal, he said the realisation that he was the problem started in a London street in spring when he thought Microsoft was likely to change faster if he wasn’t there.

To that end he wrote as many as 40 resignation letters and in June a meeting with the board made the decision to leave so.

He was already under pressure from board directors including former IBM and Symantec exec John Thompson to speed up change at the software behemoth which was lagging behind competitors on the cloud and tablet front.

In a characteristic Ballmer move, during the interview with the WSJ he leapt from his chair and screamed “Charge! Charge! Charge!”.

Ballmer (57) has large shares in Microsoft and he’s not short of a bob or three.