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Microsoft Surface, er surfaces

Software giant Microsoft announced its Surface 3 PC today, with the firm taking pre-orders for units from today.

The company said the Surface 3 is thinner, lighter and cheaper.

The Surface 3 will also offer 4G LTE for better mobility and the unit costs £420 – that’s cheaper, but it’s not exactly a rock bottom price.

The machine uses a quad core Intel Atom x7 microprocessor, and Microsoft claims it has a battery life of up to 10 hours.

You can choose different storage and memory specs, and the machine includes a 10.8 inch ClearType HD multitouch display with a 3:2 aspect ratio, stereo Dolby speakers and a magnesium case.

Oh, and you can get Windows 10 for free when it’s released – the Surface 3 comes with the 8.1 version of Microsoft’s operating system. The price also includes a one year subscription of Microsoft Office 365, and the company is aiming the machine at the education market as well as businesses.

Prada, BASF and Emirates are early adopters of the Surface 3.

The machines will start selling on May 7th through shops including PC World, John Lewis, Argos, Staples and Littlewoods.

3M working on glasses-free 3D technology for handhelds

3M, maker of electronics, says that it will show off glasses-free 3D film for handhelds during this month’s SID conference on the 24th-28th May.

3M claims that it has a product which has the world’s only film to deliver completely auto-stereoscopic 3D for handhelds without having an impact on colour or resolution of the displays. It promises that mobile phones and gaming devices, as well as other handhelds, will benefit from its technology.

According to 3M, the technology only needs one LCD panel operating at a 120Hz refresh rate for optimal 3D viewing. The field sequential optical film has a backlight module assembly nearly identical to the existing kit out there, which it says will make for easy integration at assembly.

If 3M can pull this off without the need for 3D glasses, which can lead to short term sickness and which a small percentage of the population cannot physically use anyway, it may be onto a big thing – as long as detail is not compromised. It could also prove to be great for consumers who do not want to spend thousands on 3D specific kit.

John Lewis says buy 3D kit even though there's no 3D content

John Lewis, the department store retailer, is boasting about being the first to flog 3D TVs in-store and urging the consumer to get their hands on the expensive kit – even though there’s barely any content yet. As John Lewis itself admits.

The product John Lewis is touting is the Samsung UE40C7000 3D TV which comes in at a very unreasonable £1,799. The TV has been available since the 22nd of April, though John Lewis is clearly keen to flog the product as it has felt it necessary to issue another release. 3D glasses, the X2 Samsung Active Shutters bundled with a 3D copy of Monsters vs Aliens will set you back a huge £149. The glasses surely won’t be dissimilar to the type that are handed out for free in cinemas with a ticket to a 3D film.

To enjoy the very limited 3D content you’ll also need the Samsung 3D Blu-ray player which clocks in at £349. Then you’ll need a 3D ready HDMI cable which costs £49.95. Altogether that works out at £2346.95 – so buyers had better really enjoy the Monsters v Aliens film, because after splashing that much there won’t be much left in the wallet to purchase any of the other films.

John Lewis claims it’s an investment, though, with Sky planning to launch its 3D TV service – no doubt also at an inflated cost – later this year. The store says not to worry about the lack of 3D films that are in the market at the moment, because the telly runs regular 2D fine as well.

If you’ve got loads more money than sense, and are especially keen on Monsters v Aliens, you’ll be able to pick up all of the kit at the Oxford Street flagship store.