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Apple customer satisfaction under threat

Apple is the leader in customer call satisfaction, according to a tech support report by consumer experience firm Vocalabs, but it has been getting worse at resolving problems and is rating lower on interactive voice response (IVR) satisfaction.

66 percent of Apple customers said they were satisfied with the customer service call they had, ahead of 51 percent for HP and 49 percent for Dell

We imagine none of these “satisfied” customers were victims of the Antennagate scandal, which saw many iPhone 4 users unable to make calls because they were, against all common sense, holding their mobile phones.

Of course, satisfaction might be high because Apple trains its tech support to cover up the problems in its products. The iPhone 4 antenna debacle is a perfect example. A leaked memo to customer support staff showed that Apple knew there was a problem, but told its staff to deny it at all costs and keep any free bumpers under wraps.

Only 60 percent of Apple customers said that their problem was resolved immediately, down 7 points from the previous rating of 67 percent got the first half of 2010.

Over a third of Apple customers, 35 percent, reported problems with the IVR, a big increase in automated response annoyance compared to the figure of 21 percent in the same period of 2009. In comparison, Dell and HP’s IVR satisfaction was up.

Traditionally Apple has been seen by many as top for customer satisfaction score but this is quickly changing. The gap between Apple, Dell and HP is narrowing.