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iPhone 7 hands free lost with all hands

imagesubmarine2sinkingApple appears to have realised that its iPhone 7 is not doing as well as it has been claiming.

For a while now the Tame Apple Press has been telling the world+dog that the iPhone 7 has been heading for a recording breaking year. This is even though it shipped with wireless headphones, which no-one wanted, and no real noticeable difference from the iPhone 6S.

Apple had already ordered less of the iPhone 7 from its Asian partners than the iPhone 6, but increased its orders when its main rival the Galaxy Note 7 started melting.

Word on the street is that most Galaxy Note 7 owners remained brand loyal and refused to buy an iPhone and left Apple with rather a lot of stock on hand.

The Nikkei financial daily said Apple has trimmed production of iPhones by about 10 percent in the January-March quarter of 2017citing calculations based on data from suppliers.

This is on top of its original 30 percent cut in January-March this year due to accumulated inventory.

This means that the iPhone seven production is down 40 per cent in total and Apple can’t shift the phones it has in stock.

Apple is saying nothing because it means that the iPhone 7 is to Apple what Vista was to Microsoft.

Samsung unveils recovery plan

cunning-planSamsung has been talking about its cunning plan to recover quickly from the disastrous withdrawal of the Galaxy Note 7 that dragged down its third quarter mobile earnings to their lowest level in nearly eight years.

The outfit said it was expanding its probe into the Note 7 fires beyond batteries, as it tried to reassure investors that it would get to the bottom of the problem.

It suggested that it might be carrying out a share buyback to boost the share price. It also talked up its semiconductor business and promised to consider proposals for a corporate makeover.

Co-Chief Executive J.K. Shin told shareholders at the annual meeting that the company had to work hard to win back trust. He also apologised for the Note 7 debacle.

Investors are now expecting to see sweeping management changes in response to the Note 7 failure, especially after voting to make the parent conglomerate Samsung Group’s Jay Y. Lee, a Samsung Electronics director.

Lee, 48, the son of patriarch Lee Kun-hee who has been hospitalised following a heart attack, will now have a clearer mandate to play a public role in setting strategy.

Heads will roll but shareholders may have to wait for the Note 7 investigation to conclude first. Chief Executive Kwon Oh-hyun said at the shareholder meeting the company would assign responsibility only after the crisis was resolved.

The world’s top smartphone maker posted a 96 percent plunge in third-quarter mobile earnings to $87.63 million from a year earlier, their lowest level since the fourth quarter of 2008.

Operating profit was $4.57 billion, matching Samsung’s revised guidance.The scrapping of Samsung’s flagship phone erased 0.1 to 0.2 percentage points from South Korea’s third-quarter GDP growth in quarterly terms, a finance ministry official told Reuters on Tuesday.

Samsung SDI which supplied batteries blamed for the first Note 7 recall, separately reported a 110 billion won operating loss for the third quarter.

iPhone 7 has the worst battery

lemon batteryThe British consumer group Which? has pointed out that the iPhone 7 has the worst battery life than any other top smartphone.

The outfit conducted a series of battery life tests on the latest smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy S7, HTC 10 and LG G5, Apple’s iPhone 7 was so bad it did not even rank.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 battery lasted more than twice as long as the iPhone 7, while the HTC 10 had two and a half times the longevity. The iPhone 7 did better in internet usage tests… but it was still found bringing up the rear.

The iPhone 7 should have had all the advantages. It was the newest phone and had the iOS 10, while the three other handsets all featured Android 6.0 Marshmallow. But whatever efficiency optimization Apple put into iOS 10, it cant solve the fact that Apple put a 1,960mAh battery under the bonnet.

In a blog post, Which?’s Callum Tennent said:

“In the interest of fairness, we test battery life using our own phone network simulator. This ensures that the signal strength is consistent for each test, which is important as a phone has to expend more power when it’s struggling for reception. We also set the screen brightness on every phone to the same level. Finally, we perform a full ‘power cycle’ of each phone’s battery prior to testing — that means fully discharging and then charging it.”

For the tests we made a continuous call over 3G for the call time test and access a regularly updating special web page over 3G to measure web browsing time.


iPhone 7 catches yellow fever

maxresdefaultNot content with creating a phone which hisses at users stupid enough to buy it, Apple’s iPhone 7 has a feature which turns its screen yellowish.

The Tame Apple Press is doing its best to claim that yellow screens are normal and those who spent a fortune upgrading to the iPhone 7 have not really bought a lemon.

Apparently it was due to the use of the adhesive on the display, in which for some devices is still in the process of setting. Apparently it should go away in a few days and if it doesnt then your phone is not really defective and you have wasted yoru money it must be a software thing and you can adjust it. Eh?

What is amazing is that the Tame Apple Press is full of work arounds and fixes but no one appears to be bloody cross that an $800 phone has been released with such a problem. It is also a problem which Apple did not suffer from in its previous editions.

At some point someone will have to start looking at the phone, which hisses when it has a heavy work load, with its yellow screen, four hour headphone battery life and wonder “why the hell did I buy this hunk of over priced junk when I could have picked up something that did what I wanted for about $250.

Stronger than expected iPhone 7 sales not enough

hqdefaultDespite Apple managing stronger than expected sales of its iPhone 7 plus, it is not enough to offset a huge decline in iPhone sales, according to one telco bean-counter.

The Tame Apple Press is full of news about how Apple’s iPhone 7 is a sell out, pretty much like it normally is at this time of year. This has meant that Apple shares have gone up as investors think the outfit is going to see its cash cow mooing for another year.

But KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the prophesied slump in iPhone sales is coming, and there is no stopping it. While he has indeed improved his estimates of the total sales for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, overall he predicts that the numbers will be lower than the iPhone 6s.

The analyst is basically saying that Apple has a lot to thank Samsung for. The recent fiasco surrounding exploding Galaxy Note 7’s has helped increase confidence, outlook, and sales of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.He said that earlier reports of supply shortage for the iPhone 7 isn’t exactly because strong demand, believes Kuo. He said that the Jet Black color which is in high demand as well is actually harder to make. He still thinks that the production yield is estimated to be 60-70%.

While KGI raised its iPhone 7 shipment forecast from 60-65 million to 70-75 million, the numbers steal look bleak for this year’s generation as a whole, falling below that of the iPhone 6s. Even Apple itself has already predicted this, though it will naturally not share solid numbers.

Apple’s iPhone 7 is a “dick”

{EEB30F63-7755-43E1-8E54-F047F3A12BE5}Img100It seems that the fruity tax dodger, Apple cocked up when it did its research into the name of its iPhone 7.

If it had wanted to win the hearts and minds of Hong Kong’s population it should really have thought of a better name as calling it the “seven” which means “penis” in Mandarin slang.

The character for “seven,” pronounced tsat, is frequently used in slang not only for “penis” but to mean “goofy” or “dorky,” as in “You’re so seven”.

It has not helped that Apple has done some odd translations to Taiwanese and Mandarin as well, having the slogans read “Exactly is 7” and “7, is here.”

The jokes have been spreading widely around Hong Kong, with one person posting to Facebook, “Without a 3.5mm earbud jack, this is exactly penis.”

Apple is having trouble selling its “dick” in mainland China. Hong Kong should have been a safer port in a storm.


Apple refuses to talk iPhone 7 numbers

gag-500x300 The fruity tax dodger Apple is so terrified that its iPhone 7 will tank it is refusing to release sales numbers for the new launch.

Jobs’ Mob has always used the first weekend of sales to confirm to the world that its marketing has paid off and the phone is a success. Lately it has inflated those sales by adding in those from China and pre-orders.  All this is used to make this version of the phone appear like it is selling better than the last one.

However now Apple has said it won’t provide opening weekend sales numbers for new iPhone launches. Apple said Thursday in a statement that it won’t continue the practice because it’s “now at a point where we know before taking the first customer pre-order that we will sell out of iPhone 7.”

Apple said that “initial sales will be governed by supply, not demand,” leading the company to determine that opening weekend numbers are “no longer a representative metric for our investors and customers.”

The only reason for withholding the numbers is that it is hoping to create another marketing illusion.  We already know that it has ordered less iPhone 7s from its suppliers. It will run out of sales on the first weekend and create the illusion of scarcity and popularity.  If market watchers don’t know the numbers no one will know that the phone is not selling well at all, simply that it has just sold out.

The Tame Apple Press can be guaranteed to say the iPhone 7 is a selling out and report scarcity. In fact if sales are as poor as expected the Apple can even blame them on supply issues.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus become available for pre-order on Friday, while Apple and carrier retail stores will begin selling the phones 16 September. The new models are basically the same is the iPhone 6, with a slightly better chip and the inconvenience of having a terrible wireless speaker system.

Apple’s forecast for the quarter ending in September hasn’t changed, the company said in the statement. Apple on 26 July 26 projected fiscal fourth quarter revenue from $45.5 billion to $47.5 billion. Apple reported sales of $51.5 billion and more than 48 million iPhones sold in the same quarter last year.


Apple forced to defend stupid headphone decision

Man uses an ear trumpetFruity tax dodger Apple might have been surprised by the backlash that its move to replace headphone jacks has caused.

For those who came in late, Apple’s iPhone 7 phone came without a standard headphone jack.  Instead it had a Bluetooth connection which wirelesses sends its signal to wireless headphone buds.

The reason was that Apple could make its phone a little thinner and it would force all its Apple fanboys to buy new headphones.

Of course Apple is not spinning it that way.  During the iPhone 7’s launch it said Apple said was being “courageous”.  We understand that it is courageous giving people a phone which has limited reasons for anyone to upgrade but saddling it with functionality that no one wants. Courageous is one word “stupid” is another.

Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller claimed that the 3.5mm port, on the other hand, has to go because the company can’t justify the continued use of an “ancient” single-use port.

However, the wireless approach comes with some limits. For a start you will need to recharge the buggers which you don’t with the “ancient” technology.  We have grave doubts that the sound quality will be as good because it relies on a wireless connection going into lower quality headphone receivers.

Needless to say Apple’s spin is not going down that well.

As the normally pro-Apple rag the Verge said: “I was not ready for the revenge of the fucking Bluetooth headset… Don’t kill a good thing if you don’t have a better one waiting, Apple. That’s all I ask.”

Apple press worries about Chinese iPhone 7 response

big-trouble-in-little-chinaFruity tax dodger Apple expects the Internet to be alive at the moment talking about its coming iPhone 7 release.  It is a sign that its marketing has generated enthusiasm.  However, in key markets like China the discussion is the same as a Trappist monastery after a laryngitis outbreak.

The iPhone 7 is basically just the iPhone 6 with a better chip and terrible Bluetooth wireless sound system. While the Tame Apple Press enthuses about the phone, most people who know about technology feel that there is not much to offer.

The Chinese market is also discerning and less influenced by Apple’s marketing than Jobs’ Mob would like. This time, observers are looking for mention if the iPhone 7 and finding tumbleweed instead.

Posts on China’s popular Sina Weibo microblogging site show the iPhone 6, which took China by storm in 2014 with its new, larger screen, attracted around 15 times more comments in the month before launch than this year’s model.

Apple’s Greater China sales dropped by a third in April-June, albeit after more than doubling a year earlier, and revenue was down by more than a quarter to $8.8 billion – around a fifth of its total sales. Its 7.8 percent market share ranked fifth in China, trailing local vendors Huawei, OPPO and Vivo, which together accounted for 47 percent.

Apple also saw its value added services such as ibooks and movies closed in China after Beijing imposed strict curbs in March on online publishing.

Ben Cavender, Shanghai-based director at China Market Research Group, who described current consumer interest in China as “muted”.

Strategy Analytics claims that iPhone shipments in China will decline 20 percent in the second half of this year to 21 million from a year ago.

Strategy Analytics analyst Neil Mawston said that Apple was struggling with consumer ‘iPhone fatigue’ in China, while competition from Huawei, Oppo and others remains fierce,” said.

Concerns that Apple has hit “peak iPhone” have harmed the firm’s shares this year, with the stock price up just 2.35 percent.


Tame Apple Press reports that Apple Music is bad

a8a442ac275a36c2da0b85a42b625225The writing appears to be on the wall for Apple Music after one of Jobs’ Mob’s cheerleaders the New Yorker dismissed the Apple Streaming service as “bad.”

To put this into perspective, the article has the headline “Why Apple Music is so bad when the iPhone is so good,” thus providing Jobs’ Mob with a free advert for its self-reverential out-of-date iPhone.

The writer Om Malik’s theme is that Apple can either create great software, or great hardware but when the two need to work side-by-side, like with Apple Music, the result is pants.

“Apple has always been, and always will be, a hardware-first company. It produces beautiful devices with elegant designs and humane operating-system software,” he enthuses without any trace of irony that might otherwise rescue his reasoning.

Malik then makes the very good point that Apple releases two versions of the same hardware a year and this makes sense but it also applies the same refresh programme to software. As a result its software is nearly always out-of-date and unable to cope with the fast adapting software scene.

He said that Apple’s corporate DNA is that of a hardware company, its activities are meant to support hardware sales. For example, its “Made with iPhone” advertising campaign talks up the iPhone’s camera, and thus drives up hardware sales.

“All of Apple’s services, iCloud, Apple Music, Apple Photos, iMessage, exist to support the sales of phones, tables, and laptops. The executive team, the sales machine, and the manufacturing, software, and services components are all locked into the hardware schedule.”

He added that it was daft that the Apple Music update needs to be revealed at the World Wide Developers’ Conference.

“Why should Apple Music have to wait for the conference to make usability fixes when Facebook and Google, and every Internet-services-oriented company, does this on a routine basis?”

Malik describes a hardware company which is trying to be a software company and failing. In much the same way that Microsoft tried to be a hardware company and balls that up.  But what is more interesting from the New Yorker article is that while the premise is obvious, the fact that someone who is blindly an Apple fanboy is saying it.

Apple fanboys are having a tough time of things lately. Not only is their faith tested by the fact that Jobs’ Mob is failing to attract interest, they also have to cope with the fact that they are no longer seen as the industry innovators. Coupled with this, poor programming and software design is making the rather elderly designs look buggy.

In the past, Apple fanboys would never complain, instead they held fast to the reality distortion field even when their Apple Macs were catching fire. All that is starting to change, as Apple’s grip over its follows starts to slip. Without any inquisition, a new messiah, or at the very least good products with good software, we can see more of this coming.

The iPhone 7 will be another good test of this faith.  So far it appears to have little in the way of innovative technology and will look the same as the disappointing iPhone6S. If it contains the same rubbish software that we are being seen coming out of Apple with its Apple Music then that particular cash cow might as well be sent to the meat works.